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Memorial Day WOD

The American Flag flying high over the Pearl Harbor Memorial <3

The American Flag flying high over the Pearl Harbor Memorial <3

Sticking to it.

Ever have that feeling your workouts are just not cutting it? You are tired and your progress has plateaued? All it means is it’s time for a check in and probably a shake up.

What are you doing? What exercises do you prefer? What exercises seem to make the biggest difference in your body? Ask yourself these questions and switch it up. Decide what works best for your body as well as what workouts you enjoy and go with it.

Here’s a quick work out for you for your Memorial Day pre or post BBQ pool party!

Complete as many rounds as you want! We are doing high reps so give yourself a goal and make it work for you and your schedule. It can be one round or it can be multiple rounds, if you need, drop the reps. Go team, Break!

40 Reps/ as many rounds as you can! Give yourself a 45 minute time goal.
40 Squats (For more, add a hop)

40 Push Ups

40 Second Plank

40 Second Side Plank (right)

40 Second Side Plank (left)

40 Dips

40 Boat (V-ups)

40 Squat Thrusts (Bottom of a burpee)

Good Luck! And Happy Happy Memorial Day! Thank a vet, thank a sworn officer, thank a soldier because without them we wouldn’t be able to do what we are able to do every day!

Hope you are having a Happy and Safe Memorial Day weekend. XO

For the Love of Running

Just Running Through Life…

good for the soul

Like anything physical, we do it to feel good, to be healthy, to look good. The moment our hobby turns in to a competitive sport is the moment the feeling of EVERYTHING changes. We are no longer focused on the good of which these physical activities are providing; we are more focused on our times, our performance, our overall calories burned and our heart rate. It becomes more fact than it does feeling.

When we have to start reading our watches, our heart rate monitors, pacing our runs, are we doing it for the good of our bodies anymore? Are we even listening to our bodies? Or is it just a goal we have set for ourselves mentally beyond the physical aspect of it all? We want to win. Our society always wants to be first. “If you’re not first your last.” Right?

I got to a point in my running ‘career,’ where I felt terrible. I hurt everywhere, but I didn’t care. I was at an all time ‘fast’ and an injury couldn’t stop me, or at least I wasn’t about to let it. No, I didn’t feel good, my runs were OK, my legs hurt because I was typically running on and/or through injury, but my cardiovascular system was superb. It made me want to run faster. I wanted to maintain or beat my fastest times, over and over and over. I never gave myself any opportunity for recovery. Running a minimum of 4 miles up to 13 miles a day, 6-7 days a week with MAYBE a single recovery day, MAYBE, was wreaking havoc on my body. I didn’t care.

In my top drawer along with all of my pretty jewelry, I have this heart rate monitor, and I have run some of my fastest runs with that little contraption wrapped around my wrist. Let me tell you, I have also never been sicker, more frequently injured, and it was beginning to take me twice as long to recover from those faster runs of mine. So in my drawer it now sits. I don’t use it to capture my current pace anymore. I don’t use it to push myself beyond what I would normally do. Why? A few reasons; 1. I’m not running for a place on a podium, 2. It isn’t my ‘career,’ I’m not being paid to do it. And 3. Because nearly one year ago I was running the San Diego Half Marathon and I felt terrible from the get go. ‘From the get go,’ I mean from the hotel room. I started my day clammy and ghost white on my walk over to the starting line. Let me remind you, I was just walking to the starting line of a 13.1-mile long run. Things were looking a little glum.

It was at mile 2, yes, only mile 2, which is where I noticed I was drenched in sweat. Like soaked. Let me remind you, we were in San Diego in June, it was overcast and 63 degrees, it couldn’t have been more perfect running conditions. I knew something was wrong because even though I was stopping at every water station, I was also drinking 2-3 cups of water and/or Gatorade, I could not quench my thirst. I was dehydrated and it is clear to me now, that at that moment I should have called it a day. Instead I decided I would glance down at my heart rate monitor, you know, just to ‘check in.’ Low and behold I was running an average of 8:10 minutes per mile, that included my water breaks. So needless to say, Ego chimed in and let me know that I was not about to stop, not now. I had a great thing going, sick or not, tired or not, knee pain or not, I only had 11.1 miles left and I was going to finish it damn it!

Well, upon completion of this fantastic (I use that term extremely loosely) run and aside from the worst knee pain, excruciating hip flexor pain and IT band tightness that I had ever experienced in all of my years of running, I ended up in the medical tent. 2 IV bags of fluid, Zofran, dextrose pumped in to my veins to help with my extremely low blood sugar levels, vomiting…. 3 hours later (Yes, one and a half times as long as it took me to run the race) I had color in my face, I could sit up right, heck I could even stand. I was so excited I was handing out post-vomit hugs to each of the paramedics and ‘my’ very own Doctor as I was on my way out of the tent…. dragging my left leg behind me.  I had totally forgotten about my left hip flexor.

The point of this story is, is that once a hobby becomes competitive, whether it be against your own personal times or others, we lose site of the real reason we are doing it, or at least we forget to pay attention to the most important piece of the equation: our bodies. Let’s face it, without our incredible flesh, bones and blood, we couldn’t achieve any of our ridiculously awesome goals.

I run so I can stay in shape, so I can keep my cardiovascular system conditioned and so I can spend time with my girls and catch up on their lives every week. THAT is what it is all about, for me anyway. It isn’t about my final time, it isn’t about my pace, it isn’t about the intensity of the person next to me. It is about me. It is about feeling good and that’s it.

It took me a while to get to this point. That goes for yoga too. No I don’t really care that you can come in to sirsasana from your prasarita padottanasana, no I don’t care about your pincha mayurasana, but I do like to watch it.  I love that you feel good when you are in the pose, and if that is why you are doing it.. then I love it. Do yourself a favor and attempt to avoid killing yourself just because you have realized you have an audience to entertain and/ or impress; that’s the moment injury can occur. Let it go. Let your ego go.

So now. I feel good. I am happy to go for a jog whether it be a 9 minute mile jog or a 5:30 minute mile sprint (and I’m talking MAX if it’s a sprint- it’s a single mile. ) I have even been walking more than running more recently because my long-term hip injury/inconvenience is now finally feeling better and I will do anything and everything in my power to keep it that way. So I listen, to my body, to my mind and to my breath because that is what we are supposed to do. The moment it no longer feels good is the moment we have to reevaluate and figure out what it is that does.

Enjoy the moment; enjoy the journey to the finish line, no matter if that finish line is your own or if it is a physical finish line at the end of an event. In the end, it isn’t about anything other than the journey. Isn’t that how we are supposed to live our lives too?

What would happen if you set aside your gadgets and you just took the sound of your breath, the breeze and birds and just ran based on how your body felt? What would happen? You would still be running 4 miles. 4 miles is 4 miles no matter your pace. You’re still burning calories, just do yourself a favor and attempt to listen. Your body is an incredible tool and a fantastic guide. It will tell you when it has had enough or when it wants more. So Lighten up, and seriously. LET. IT. GO.

The moment we no longer find happiness is the moment we have to determine what it is that made us happy to begin with.

Sometimes that is our biggest challenge.

Go Find your happy. XO

Our First Semi-Annual Yoga Benefit for the 100 Club of Arizona


This was my very first event that I have ever put on *aside from my wedding,* and it was for one of the greatest organizations.  Even better was how amazing the organization and those who are a part of it were.

HUGE thanks to sooo many people, we were able to raise over $1200.00, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you,

~To everyone who came out to support the 100 Club, the turn out was incredible for our first event <3

~To Chef Gordon and The Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa, I can’t even express in words my gratitude for the hospitality and support.

~To Ashley of the 100 Club, She is absolutely incredible and helped in every possible way, I could not have done this without her support.

~To Kim and Matt Chavez who helped with not only teaching, but with set up and helping to provide raffle prizes.  I am so appreciative.

~To H3lla, our incredible DJ for setting the mood throughout the entire event.

~To Tami of the 100 Club for helping with registration and set up.

~To my sister, Kori for all of her hard work setting up and registration and Husband for your constant support. I love you both so much.

~To Patrice Mendoza and Crystal Jimenez and Hailey for your support, hype and donations.  Thank you for coming out to be a part of this, it means the world.

~To everyone who donated to our raffle, I am so grateful;  Kim Chavez, Anton Mackey, Spiritual Gangster, lululemon,Lori’s Grooming, The Biltmore Resort and Spa.

WITH So much gratitude, I could not have done any of this without your love and support, really.  This set my heart on fire and I cannot wait to continue with this relationship with the 100 Club and all of our future events.

Keep your eyes peeled, we will be hosting more yoga events in the near future to benefit this incredible organization!

To learn more about the 100 Club, or to donate:

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