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Invest in yourself.

invest in your life

My Best friend, Brenda and I at the most beautiful wedding last weekend. June 21, 2014

My Best friend, Brenda and I at the most beautiful wedding last weekend. June 21, 2014

I love to Travel. And I love to sweat, so when I’m able to combine the two I’m exceptionally happy.

Travel: It’s my first love, I wanted to be a travel agent more than anything growing up and would eventually graduate with a degree in hotel and restaurant management. Life is not worth living if you aren’t able to get out in to the world and open your eyes to new experiences, step out of your comfort zone where you are able to try new things, eat different foods, and meet new people. Your perspective changes tremendously with travel. It provides personal growth and when you are as lucky as I am, where I have friends everywhere, a husband who shares the same passion for both travel and food, I am able to grow existing relationships as well as plant new ones.

Sweat: If I don’t have the opportunity to work out once a day, or at the very least, every other, I get a little grumpy, this is especially true when I’m away from home. It’s SO important to me to get up and get moving before the day begins. My body functions completely differently when I’m able to get the endorphins pumping first thing. When I’m able to add the extra ‘happy dose’ to my current state of “I’m on vacation happy,” based on the fact that I’m on vacation, my happiness level tilts into overdrive. It makes the rest of my day enjoyable.

Endorphins: When you exercise (any form) your body releases a chemical called endorphins. They interact with receptors in your brain, which in turn reduce your perception of pain. They produce a positive feeling. It is at fault for creating the ‘runners’ high,’ post run, or work out feeling. In addition they act as sedatives. Endorphins are the all natural anti depressants which YOUR body can produce and provide for itself, no prescription necessary.

Vacation is great, but like most people, it’s hard to stick to a normal diet when we are away from the comforts of our own home. Sluggish is the word that comes to mind when I attempt to describe a day without exercise, but add that to a poor diet and you’ve got a recipe for a cup of fatigue an oz. of sleepy, maybe even a pinch of grumpy.

SOOOO you better believe, everywhere I go, I make sure I’m able to work out at least HALF of the time I’m away. At the VERY least.

This past weekend we enjoyed our friends in the beautifully humid St. Augustine, Florida. It was so beautiful down there and because my sister and I grew up spending our spring breaks with our best friend and sister from another mister down south, it was rather nostalgic.

This trip we chose to split our stay between a B&B (Bed & Breakfast) and a hotel with our B&B (Brenda and Brian). It’s always interesting planning my workouts because I have to improvise when it comes to A. Climate differences and B. environment.

Tips to sweat during your trip:

Everywhere I go I pack enough workout clothes to wear every other day and I always, always pack my tennis shoes.

-If you are staying in a hotel, check and see if they offer a fitness center or if your hotel will be in an area where you can get outside and sweat while enjoying the fresh air.
-Check the weather and pack workout attire accordingly.

For this particular trip I over packed, mostly because I knew the humidity would prevent me from being able to re-wear anything I’ve sweat in, even if just a little bit.

What’s in my suitcase?

– 2 lululemon cool razor tank tops. These are near favorite tank tops of mine and they are moisture wicking to boot.

-1 swiftly cool razor tank: This is so great, especially for the humidity. It’s breathable, moisture wicking, and is lined with silverescent, which prevents the material from growing the nasty bacteria, which would cause your clothes to eventually stink. This was a MUST for this trip.

-1 pair of Run Inspire II, Run Crops. These are hands down my favorite running crops and I literally wear them for every single run I ever participate in, it doesn’t matter the temperature. I love them!

-1 Pair of (Run) Speed Shorts: These are super breathable, moisture wicking and they fit great. I don’t love running in shorts, but I have also used them for to and from the beach as well. These are great, especially for the weather here in the dirty south.

-Brooks Ghost Running Shoes: I haven’t had to trade out my Brooks Running Shoes in MONTHS, and they are still holding strong. Running shoes can be expensive, they are definitely an investment, but it’s important to protect your feet and your joints. If your feet aren’t taken care of, the rest of your body is screwed from the ground up. Invest in yourself!

Sweat Once A day:

Our first morning we woke up in our quaint B&B, and I knew I was going to need to get up and run first thing in the morning if I wanted to do it at all. Because we weren’t at a hotel, I knew a fitness center wasn’t an option. I asked the sweet owner of our B&B if it was safe to run through the neighborhood, receiving a very confident “yes.” I went on my way. I just ran until I found myself at a busy street. Running is free, so always take advantage if you can. If you are looking for the best bang for your buck, choose running or walking. I wound up at the Alligator farm and decided it was time to turn back around and head home. HAHA! Oh Florida, how I love thee.

Blog- Sweat Jog1 Blog- Sweat Jog 2


My sweet husband woke up with me and hit the gym after our 3AM late night the night before. We wondered down to the first level fitness center and were surprised to find a very small room consisting of 2 tread mills, an elliptical, an exercise ball and some light medicine balls. OK although this seems like a rather limited amount of options, it had blown up my initial options, which included all of, well. Me.

Although I went in with the intent of lifting weights, my plans had to be slightly altered.

Here was my workout on this sweaty Sunday:

**If you own a TRX Suspension Training System, you can do this full workout in place of the exercise ball.***

30 Reps/ 3 Sets: Body weight squats WITH the exercise ball. Of course this can be done without an exercise ball, but it helps with correct form and it allows you to get even deeper in to your squat.
For a variation you can add a medicine ball or weight plate If available to you.

Blog-Sweat Squat 1 Blog- Sweat Squat 2

20 Reps/ 3 Sets: Regular Body Weight Squats with a medicine ball. Beginning with arms overhead holding the medicine ball. Squat (keeping your knees aligned over your ankles) tap the medicine ball to your mat or the floor. Repeat.

20 Reps (10 Each Side)/ 2 Sets: Side Lunges, Start with feet together, holding medicine ball in hand. Step out to your right side, bend in to your right knee, and straighten your left leg. Sink your butt back as far as possible keeping the alignment of knee over ankle. Tap medicine ball to your mat or to the floor, Step back to center, repeat on the other side.

10-15 Reps/ 2-3 Sets: Pike with the exercise ball: Begin in plank position, quadriceps resting on the ball, hands on your mat. Use your core to pull your hips to the sky until your ankles or toes are pressing against the ball. Roll back in to your plank. Repeat.

30 Reps/ 3 Sets: Decline Push-Ups with Exercise Ball: You can choose your level of comfort. The easiest spot will be resting your hips and quads on the ball, hands on your mat. Proceed with push-ups. To make this more difficult roll the ball toward your feet until you feel you will be challenged sufficiently. Proceed with your push-ups.Blog- Sweat Plank2 Blog-Sweat Push up

20 Reps/3 Sets: Knees to Chest/ Abdominal workout. Again begin with your hands planted on your mat, your quads are resting on the exercise ball. Roll your knees in to your chest, the ball will end up beneath your shins, roll back to starting position. Begin again.

Blog- Sweat plank Blog- sweat Knee to chest

15-20 Reps/ 2 Sets: Jump Squats: Adding plyo to your workout will not only increase your heart rate, but plyometric exercises are great for bone density as well. These kick my butt, and I believe they have the ability to kick yours too. ☺!

20 (10 Each Side) Reps/ 2 -3 Sets: Reverse Lunges: Stand feet together, step back with the right foot in to a deep lunge, step forward in to starting position. Repeat other side. For more, add a medicine ball or weight plate if available.


Thank you husband, for taking all of these photos. I know it was a lot of work for you, but know that I do appreciate it. “Picture.”

Thank you for reading and supporting. All of my love!
You can find my beginning blogs here:

Check in on my facebook page too, beginning July 1st, I will be posting a daily ab workout throughout the entire month.

Have a wonderful day, with Gratitude ☺

#thenudels The happiest couple.  We just love them, Congratulations Rachel and Marc!  And thank you for giving us such an amazing reason to travel to such a beautiful place. <3 Love you both.

#thenudels The happiest couple. We just love them, Congratulations Rachel and Marc! And thank you for giving us such an amazing reason to travel to such a beautiful place.

I prefer my glass to be filled to the brim. :)

glass is always full
I am Gidddddddy with Glee!

I can’t help but just be completely elated right now. First of all, the group cleanse I am leading is going amazing and every participant has been so inspiring I just can’t even get over it.  They have motivated me every step of the way and I ave been absolutely blown away by each and every one of them. *PROUD* of you.

In addition to their pure positivity and encouragement every day, the nutrition I have been supplying my body has created a new … old.. new me.  The two together has made me feel like an explosion of sunshine and glee has blasted my insides as of recent!  I told Kasey this was my last option after attempting so many different systems to help with weight stabilization, with mood stabilization… -OK, what woman is NOT moody?- As well as energy I have been lacking for years.  YEARS.   I was diagnosed with PCOS, and for those of you who are unfamiliar- PCOS- or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, comes with a sidecar a multitude of different side effects and they vary from person to person. The main thing here is that with this package of not-so-awesome, comes a severe hormonal imbalance. The side effects from that alone are ridiculous.

Even if I could hold it together 100% of the time, which for the most part I am required to do, I was walking through life with a ticking time bomb choc-full of anger just brewing in the deepest depths of me. Talk about frustrating; frustrating because it was happening, frustrating especially when it would explode, and frustrating because I knew it had not always been there.  I grew up a happy, maybe THE happiest child. Not a care in the world, (which was probably to a fault). When the laughter wasn’t happening freely anymore, I found myself on depression medication, twice, once in high school and another my second year of college.  Which in and of itself wound up depressing me even further.  Running became my medication and I took myself off of the depression medication (I do not recommend you do this without consulting your prescribing Doctor or Physician first.).  In more recent years journaling, yoga, acupuncture *which, my acupuncturist and dear friend was always sure to hit my ‘anger points,’ in hopes of setting it free. Those points ALWAYS bled. Always!* I digress: all of these things paired with running became my main form of therapy.  It worked for the most part.  I wasn’t numb and that was the most important piece.

My favorite thing to do was laugh and I had lost that. It was so rare and far and few between I just didn’t feel like I was living.  When I would find myself in the midst of a good belly laugh,  I did everything I could to cherish the moment.  As a result I would find myself nearly bursting in to tears because I just hadn’t laughed that hard enough, not regularly and definitely not recently.

So I found this magic and stuffed it in to me until it cleaned out the crud, the crud being that ticking time bomb. I didn’t feel it anymore, the relief was nearly instant and one of the very first things I had noticed. I couldn’t believe it. The giddiness of life came flooding back and my heart began to swell.

SO, Life is good, Life is really good, and sometimes that sense of feel good gets lost in the cloudiness of crap that also accompanies our every day. So if you find yourself in a similar situation do whatever it takes to come back to you, come back to who you are. Not the person you are supposed to be, or the person you think you should be, but the true, authentic you. Be you. And don’t stop until you find that. If you feel you are missing that. Stop and reevaluate. Life is way too short to settle in to something you are just OK with.

Here is one of my recent AHA moments:
I subbed a class yesterday; it was THE most challenging class I have ever taught.  Not because of the way I was teaching, not because of nerves, or being unprepared, but they were rude, they were disrespectful, and they were talking over me for the entire hour. It felt as though I had walked in on a group of 7th graders just plotting and scheming a slew of different ways to torment their substitute teacher for an entire class. Except they weren’t 7th graders,  they were all grown adults.  I was SO angry. I could not believe the nerve.  I have never felt this way about any class, ever. EVER. I was blown away.

I explained my disappointing experience to my boss and as a result, much to my relief, I was informed I was not the only substitute for this class who had experienced a similar situation. With my nerves finally settling, I sat back and I took a think. 😉 I noticed what was happening and thought to myself, “Wow. I have not felt this way in a really long time. Not since I was working at a front desk communicating with unhappy customers.  I am so lucky to have the job I do now, one where I am fortunate enough to work with the most pleasant of people, a job where I am able to make a positive impact on even just one person.  The pure  joy of my life is giving to those who are open to receiving what I have to offer. I am not there for me, I am there for every single person who shows up.  In the end I am consumed in gratitude.  This was simply a reality check, a not-so-subtle reminder, if you will, one of which opened my eyes in realizing, no, not everyone is open or willing to take what I want to give, and THAT is totally OK.

I am lucky to have been instructing yoga for over two years now and to have only ever been able to recall one ‘bad’ day, and that day was really only a single hour of ‘not really great.’  Instead of disappointment I have decided to take the situation, learn and grow from it.  I can not control every situation and that will never change.  Just because I am leading a class, it does not mean I can control every individual.  I needed a little smack in the face I suppose, to really realize that.

I have nothing to complain about, I have everything to gain, nothing to lose…. aside from my composure, which I nearly did. Otherwise, how lucky am I?

So in closing, I ask of you this:  Find your happiness and don’t stop until you do. Consider asking yourself. If you could DO or BE anything at all, and you KNEW you could NOT fail, what would you do? What or who would you be?

And then ask yourself; what is preventing me from becoming that person or accomplishing those goals?


Here is my back bend progress for our first week 🙂

Thanks to my Kit who took the photos, who worked out and LAUGHED (yea that freedom of laughter is back and free flowing and I’m loving every moment of it.  I’m so FULL of love and light once more.  Completely effortless and that makes it totally worth while. <3) with me.  We danced with our 10 pound weights and busted out over 100 reps of abdominal domination.


Which reminds me! (ADD).. Beginning July 1st, I will be posting a daily ab challenge daily throughout the entire month of July.  Visit my Facebook Page at Rise and Energize and follow along :)! Thanks again for following!

blog back bend wheel Blog Standing back bend Blog Standing back bend 2 Blog back bend crouch


To follow my blog previous, please follow the link below to view “The Beginning.”  Have a wonderful weekend everyone 🙂


****I am grateful for each of you, thank you for reading and supporting me and for being there when I need you most.

My Moment of Zen

blog twist“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom… when we are no longer able to change a situation- we are challenged to change ourselves.” Viktor E. Frankl holocaust Survivor

We can all take this quote and probably apply it to our own lives in about 50,000 different ways. I’m going to focus a little more on the change portion. I’m one who typically likes to resist change, but craves it all at the same time. I don’t like to feel trapped in a box with no way out. I always crave more, but have to then face that factor of ‘fear,’ which typically presents itself with every new endeavor. Running away from struggle, from challenge, from fear- it’s normal for me. This translates in to my every day life on… Every. Single. Level. From just trying something new, all the way to my yoga practice… which is also ever changing.

How can yoga be so detrimental to ones ego? Isn’t yoga all about letting go of the ego? I mean seriously. My fear stems from something as little as just feeling like “I can’t do that, because I’ll fall. Or ‘she can do it and I most definitely cannot, because well.. I’ve never tried. Though, I won’t try because there is still that good chance that I won’t be able to do it anyway.” That’s a load of crap. I’m over that. I run from things like (in yoga): back bends. Mostly because my back is tight, my shoulders aren’t open and I can’t get super deep in to them without forcing my body beyond its edge. Another yoga lesson: Listen to your body. Ego is always there watching and waiting, lurking around every corner just waiting for you to screw something up. Or that’s what I think it’s doing. EXAMPLE: A Yoga class. I decide I’m not going to try to come up in to wheel, which I haven’t even attempted since, Nam, because A. It’s a backbend and B. My shoulders aren’t open!! AGAIN! How the heck am I supposed to improve my backbends OR open up my shoulders by avoiding them both every time I find myself on my mat?! Stupid.

So I went home, attempted urdhva dhanurasana; (Full wheel) …and… Fail. I couldn’t do it. Why? Because I don’t practice it. Hmm. What a concept. So I tried it a few more times. Still, I got nada. I actually wasn’t mad, I wasn’t surprised, but the fact of the matter is, is that it is called yoga ‘practice’, NOT Yoga Perfect; something I remind every single one of my students, and yet I’m not even practicing what I teach. That’s probably not a great teaching skill. On the other hand it’s me warning them not to get to the point of where I have allowed my practice to go. The best part is, is that I used to be able to get in to full wheel, no problem. I just didn’t like it. So how do you grow when you prevent yourself from growing? You don’t. I typically justify it in my mind with: “I’ll do this the next time I come to my mat.” “I’ll do this next time, next time, next time.” Do you want to know what next time brings?? Probably the same conversation.

:::: Kasey and I were in Stockholm, Sweden back in 2007. Awesome. How often in ones lifetime are you going to be in Stockholm, Sweden? Maybe once, if you are me. But there we were, in the middle of this absolutely amazing town with history that dates back beyond the sheer existence of our own country and as we looked around this little circle we had found ourselves in; surrounded by small shops and restaurants, we noticed the Nobel Museum. Yes, the Nobel Museum. That’s kind of a big deal. We had just randomly stumbled upon this historic and infamous landmark and what did we do? Well, here’s how the conversation looked: “We should go!”-me. “We should go!”-Kasey “Or we could go over here and come back later.” –one of us. “How about we go next time.”-Kasey. “OK, we will go next time!”-Me. And that was that. OH YA!! Because there is going to be a freaking next time, right?? That was an epic, epic fail. One we laugh at quite frequently NOW, because we reference it every time we have one of our ‘next time,’ conversations. I think we’ve learned our lesson.. maybe. Hopefully.::::::

So, how do I get better with my practice? I am a yoga instructor who holds herself to the highest of standards. I can’t do a single inversion- maybe a headstand if the moon and stars align just perfectly, but comparing myself to other instructors is probably the worst practice of them all. So here I am with the mindset of “I suck at teaching yoga,” why? Because I can’t do a handstand? Who cares, it’s yoga. No stress, no judgment, and though I think I have let go of both of those things, I am constantly judging myself, I’m constantly comparing myself. But, how am I supposed to do a handstand without opening up my shoulders? And how am I supposed to open up my shoulders without practice?

I can take this theme and apply it everywhere in my life. I have some really great ideas but allow fear to overcome me and I shut down just as fast as the thought has come to me. I want to start my own business, but will I be good enough, will it be good enough, will I have the support I need to make it thrive? I’m quite certain that I am not the only one who has faced this dilemma.

I know that when I am confident, I get shit done. I know that when I am feeling the best of the best and as secure as secure can be, I can do anything. I can make decisions and I can make things happen. But the moment I miss a beat is the moment I stumble and lose that confident grasp. It’s like jumping rope, once you catch the rope on your shoe, your rhythm is thrown off and you have to start again. That’s usually when the excuses come rushing in.

So what do we do? We try again. We unroll our mats everyday and we try something new, because that is how we grow. No judgment, no stress, no ego. Just you (me), your (my) breath, your (my) mat, your (my) practice. Nothing else matters, no one else matters, if you (I) fall, you (I) get back up. If you (I) can’t keep up- so what? That’s why Child’s pose exists.

There is always time for rest; there is always time for a moment of rejuvenation. There is always time to get back up and do it again, whether you pick back up where you left off or start all over. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you just do it. What matters, is that I just do it. I have to just do it. Who says our dreams and passions need to be steamrolled by something that we’ve created in our own mind? Fear is nothing but something we have dug up and built on our own. That’s okay. As long as we can see past it, as long as we can climb over it and move on. Fear is just a character builder, right? Once we have conquered it, we can do anything.

And so… we shall. We shall overcome the fear, overcome the judgment, Life is what we make of it. Life is good. Yoga is forgiving, and our (my) ego needs a nap. It’s time to grow; it’s time to let go, because everything else is continuing on with or without you or me. Just like in Yoga. We grow.

I am a work in progress. Maybe THAT is what the hokey pokey is all about?

*This is a post from August 2013, but it is still relevant and I am still a work in progress. So I’m progressing and it is a part of this series where I am searching for more, expansion in my heart, strength in my back, and evolution in my overall practice. Thank you for reading and for your continued support!* With gratitude.


My Backbend


My Dancer


It’s Time To Expand! (No, not my waistband)

It’s time to expand! (no, not my waistband)

I’ve taken on a new outlook on life. No, not really, but I’ve taken on some new challenges. Challenges which will expand not only myself internally, but also the way I react to the people and events that occur externally.

I have changed my nutritional intake. Searching for a system, which will best work for my body, something that will make me better not only on my mat, but rather more so, off of it. This has been an ongoing journey and I am excited to see where I end up, or more so, which paths I end up traveling. Yoga is a major piece of my life, my grounding; it has become more of a benefit as well as something I rely so heavily on to keep balance in my every day.

Along with my new ‘diet’ or way of life, I am also embarking on a 10-day reset cleanse. It is just to get me back on track within myself, where I can fill my body with foods that it prefers, which probably most of our bodies prefer; Whole, organic, fresh foods.
I will be including new yoga poses, instead of living in this realm of practicality and safety, I will be trying to step outside of the box, I will be attempting to (finally) expand my practice. Every time I try to move beyond that space of comfort, where I find myself struggling to progress, I immediately retreat to my happy, safe place. That place where I am just that: comfortable. Here I am, an instructor who stresses the importance of finding the comfort in the discomfort and I am doing just the opposite. I reside in the comfort. Why? The same reason any of us choose to be comfortable, it’s comfortable. It’s like wearing a comfy pair of sweat pants all winter long and suddenly summer rolls around and we just don’t want to take these off because we are afraid of what we might find if we do.

It’s time to take off the sweat pants. We are about to go crazy! Well.. not, TOO crazy. It’s just time for me to hop out of my box and do something new, expand myself both on and off my matt.

So hereeeeeeeee we go!

Side PlankSide Plank/ Tree VariationMonkey, a mix of balasana, apanasana andsavasana

I LOVE FOOD, but it’s time for a quick detox…


For those of you who know me, or have followed my blog previously, you know how much I love to cleanse.  I love to cleanse because of the way I feel after I’ve completed them.

It was approximately a year ago I decided to embark on my very first juice cleanse, ever. This was a 14-day juice extravaganza and I regret that decision greatly. I did not do enough research on this and would not recommend it to anyone without suggesting they consult a doctor first.

This year, I have become much more keen on the elimination cleanse. It’s more of a lifestyle clean up, rather than a “hey we are going to starve and deplete ourselves of the fuel we need, and replenish with what we think is enough to survive on.” Meanwhile, I’m starving. Previous to this cleanse, I had tried multiple others including: herbal, supplemental, 1 day cleanses up to 40 day cleanses, but my favorite cleanse so far has been the elimination cleanse. Beginning Tuesday I will be running another elimination cleanse, focusing on whole foods, local and organic, as well as fresh foods. (Thumbs up). It’s an easy way to allow your body time to metabolize both the healthy and unhealthier options we have likely partaken in. I’ve also found this type of cleanse to be much easier to maintain even beyond the fixed “cleanse dates.” Why? Because we aren’t starving to death, nor am I denying myself foods that actually fuel my body in the ways it’s supposed to.  I’m figuring out new ways to eat, which at the beginning seems nearly impossible. So this week it begins again, more energy, a feeling of lightness, and mood altering happiness! I love to cleanse because of all the goodness that comes with it. My body can process the crap that has built up in my digestive tract over a long period of time, while I am still able to eat!

I LOVE FOOD! The key here is to realize it is not a deprivation diet, it is more of a lifestyle overhaul. If even just temporary, it’s important to do a couple of times a year (typically recommended in the spring and fall.) I have really realized some amazing phenomenon’s with my body throughout these processes. Most importantly I have realized what my body prefers and what it doesn’t, (even though I usually find a substitute for those items my body chooses to reject.). I’ve discovered what it is to have power and control over my food choices now based on ingredients rather than taste. (Don’t get me wrong, I just enjoyed a two week sugar binge-fest because I knew this was coming up- this is not recommended.)

So before I cleanse, here is a list of foods my sister and I have been eating on the daily, as if our last day on earth was today…

-Frequented and most favorite restaurant:

The Cutting Board (Even though this IS cleanse friendly, they have some of THE best dessert- although naturally flavored, and completely vegan, they are still considered to be dessert.) MMM. The Cutting Board is 100% local, organic and 100% vegan.

Foods & Desserts:

-Sweet Potato fries. Although I can find the healthiest of options when it comes to these, I haven’t been too concerned with it. Like a pregnant woman, I have been eating these at any and every food establishment who boasts these on their menus.

-Super food Chocolate/ GOOD CACAO/Coconut Omega-3 (chocolate bar)- These are awesome. Packed full of antioxidants and probiotics, the taste is incredible, especially if you love the coconut and chocolate combination, you’ll probably never go back to anything else for dessert, ever. Ever. Again.

superfood chocolatesuperfood choco
:::::::::::UNLESS ::::::::::

You give a moose a muffin. And then he’ll want a….


GF/ Vegan Dark Chocolate Cupcakes;  The Cutting Board

-Gluten Free/Vegan- dark chocolate cupcakes with raspberry frosting. I’m drooling.


-Date Bars- these are sweetened with very little brown sugar, the majority of the sweetness comes from the date itself and gluten free, organic oats. They are extra sweet, full of fiber, but still too much sugar to make it in to the cleansing food options.

-So Delicious, Coconut milk based ice cream: (Dairy and gluten free), this is the greatest alternative to regular old ice cream. I think I actually prefer it and it doesn’t leave me feeling sluggish (or guilty for that matter), after indulging.

-Pamela’s Chocolate Chip cookies- These are dairy free, nut free, gluten free, etc. etc. They taste like chips ahoy and they are worth every single calorie- dipped in coconut milk.

Needless to say, my biggest down fall has been sugar, but I have been weaning myself off of it for the past few days in order to prepare for this upcoming 10-day detox. I am so excited to get back on track so I can begin to phase out my 3-hour naps I’ve been so adamant about taking recently.

Interested in Cleansing? My best recommendation is to research. Research. Research. Everyone is different, you know your body better than anyone and it is imperative that you do any cleanse contingent on your own circumstances. Just keep in mind, one generic cleanse which may includestrictly juicing or supplements may not work for you the way it does everyone else.

Curious about cleansing?

Questions: 1. Why do I need to cleanse? Cleansing and detoxifying are crucial for improved digestion, lower risk of disease and better health. Toxins from food and the environment are stored in the liver and fatty tissue of the body. Because toxins are foreign substances, when they are present in large amounts, the body’s efforts against them may result in chronic inflammation and autoimmune issues such as arthritis.

Just a FEW of the health benefits and the why’s:

Clear Skin: You may notice your skin clear from acne and irritations that may very well have been caused from food allergies or irritants, within a few days. Fatigue fades: You will notice more energy and less cravings, this is usually in thanks to the removal of sugar and processed carbs.

Headaches may be reduced if not completely eliminated.

Weight loss may take place, but will slowly balance out as the day’s progress. Keep in mind, this is just an added bonus to any cleanse or detox.  The majority of the benefit comes from the way you feel during the process and toward the end of.  So much so you may not want to give up your new diet habits.

‘Hunger’ pains will subside because you aren’t fueling your body with anything other than whole foods your body can actually use for energy. By eliminating sugar you are helping your body fight a list of diseases including cancer, obesity, mental disorders and so many more!

maya angelo

Have you cleansed before?  What has been your favorite?  What has been your most successful feat?  Have you had any long term habits continue on from your cleanse? (Healthy eating habits etc?)

Thank you for reading! Have a beautiful day! 🙂