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i think i like who i am becoming

I have just been so happy lately. So happy that I have totally put all of my energy in to teaching, friends, family and simply being. I’m so sorry for being MIA, but I can’t get over all that life has brought, all that life just gives back when you simply ask the Universe for some push back.

Changing my nutritional habits has changed me from the inside out. I want to spread it with the world because I am just so happy!

What have you been doing to make your life happy?

Check out my July #abchallenge on my Facebook page- Rise&Energize.

Stay tuned, I will be posting it on my blog for all of you to follow along if you’ve missed it up until this point.

Check out my new schedule! I have added and dropped and moved stuff around. If you are looking to find a yoga home, let me know, I’ve got plenty!

XOXO Beautiful Day everyone!