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Light Heart, Happy Heart. Be free

reignite loveI have never felt more content in my life than I do in this very moment. I am the happiest I’ve been in a long time. Not because of people, but because of me. I’ve finally found something to help create happiness from the inside out. Cleaning out the crap and letting me start from scratch. Finding lightness in every aspect of my life. It has brought me a great deal of contentment, of confidence, of more love.

There is a quote “Travel light, live light, spread light, be the light.” Yes. That. This past week I returned to my home town, surrounded by the people who make my home town feel more like home. The people I grew up with, the people who have given me so much, the people who believed in me, who confide in me, who love me, these people are the people who have made me who I am today. It was an action packed few days, but it was such a feeling of relief. Creating space for more memories to store in my heart, in my head.

In my life today, I have found that materialistic items are nice, but it is in that ‘stuff’ that tends to weigh me down. I love nice things, don’t get me wrong. But I have found more satisfaction in the minimalistic realm of our materialistic world. It’s about the people, it’s about the situation, about the happiness that comes from within, not my closet.

I used to try and drag my closet with me everywhere I went, as long as I was gone for longer than a day, my baggage was coming with me. I didn’t realize how much stress it was causing. I love to travel, but packing was another thing. It was like my security blanket and I was anxious!

While I was home, I realized the anxiety I was feeling was from the amount of CRAP I had packed. I felt weighed down by the suitcase I had in my possession and the clothing items that filled it were absolutely overwhelming. Why did I pack so much? Because Michigan weather is one hundred percent unpredictable.

I’ve noticed my life becoming more minimalistic, shedding clothing items from my closet as if I have grown three sizes, dumping paperwork and other unimportant objects that I have been hanging on to.. Perhaps I was afraid that I would ‘some day’ need it. Probably for a pinterest project or something. Either way, it’s time to be lighter, release the heaviness, hold on to the memories and not the stuff that I have attached them to.

Have a happy, happy day everyone. And thank you SO much for reading. YOU are what makes life so worth while. LOVE <3 kasey and me tweeds 14

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courts wedding ceremony

Tweeds2be tied the knot August 23, 2014 :) <3 Tweeds2be tied the knot August 23, 2014 🙂 <3 [/caption]

Vegan, Vacation, Love and Fishing

imageIn February I was given the opportunity of guiding dedicated yoginis on a cleanse. What I thought would make for an impossible 21 days, made for an unbelievably transformational/ pivotal period of my life. I quit eating meat- all animal products to be exact, but more importantly, I quit craving meat.

I went ahead and allowed certain foods back in to my diet after the cleanse, but never animal of any kind. I find myself now at a point where my body is craving something more than the taste, but the proteins and nutrients that are most prevalently found in animal products. Fish has been something I’ve recently begun to reconsider, but i also find myself struggling with the thought of allowing it back in to my diet. So it sounds super ‘granola’
of me, but the reality is, is that after watching so many documentaries I have a hard time with the processes that take place in the meat industry, in the farming and agricultural industries, and it’s made more of an impact on my life than I ever thought possible.

Fish and I on the other hand, haVe an interesting history. I grew up around fish, I grew up fishing. My grandpa was a (now retired) professional fisherman, he owned his own charter, he wrote a book, created a video (riveting) and he invented the Noodle Rod (Swans Custom Rods) and later sold it to Browning back in the day. On top of all of that he was crowned the Trout King in my home state of Michigan.

His basement was always full of these noodle rods (given the name because you could take the very end of the fishing pole and bend it all the way down to the handle without it snapping.. Awesome fly fishing rod), and he would always say to us kids, ‘watch it fat head,’ when we would walk downstairs in to his museum of taxidermy, fish and deer were both mounted on his wood paneled walls. In the summer my family and I would go out on Lake Michigan with him and Grandma upon their huge fishing boat, I would usually fall asleep or get sick and the thought of eating fish made me want to vomit. But aside from all of that, from my first catch to my most awkward years were all captured on film. I was 12 years old, reeled in a rather large steelhead and snap. Fast Forward a couple years later and my mom was waking me up from a summer days nap:
“get up! We are going to meet up with some friends.” This was unusual for my mom to do anything spontaneous and I was perfectly comfortable in my bed.
She told me it was a surprise and that I needed to get it together.

At this point I was only hoping it had something to do with Penny Hardaway so I reluctantly rolled out of bed and walked out the door.

We pulled in to the parking lot of Tom’s grocery store in Traverse City, Michigan. I didn’t know what was going on, but I was not pleased about the rude wake up I received a half an hour earlier to go to the grocery store. I could tell she was excited so I followed along in a huff. She stopped in front of the magazine racks (and racks and racks) with pride, she smiled so big as she turned and looked at me with wonder.

My eyes started skimming the shelves trying to figure out what she was so gleefully awaiting me to find. I gave up and asked her. “Whats the deal, mom?” She pointed it out. Horrified I see the awkward 12 year old me, holding a giant steelhead trout on the cover of ‘Michigan Outdoor Magazine.’ My grandpa was always submitting photos for magazines in both Canada and throughout the continental US, I would be surprised if he still does- he was so proud of all of his family, me on the other hand- I was mortified.
“We need to buy all of these right now!” I expressed with urgency. I didn’t need anyone at school to spot this disaster. I was heading in to 8th grade now and who wants to destroy their rep so early on? This photo was at least 2 years old and it was nothing I was proud of. I was suddenly in a worse mood than I was previous to spotting the hot mess of a Michigan sporting mag. It was not only at this particular grocery store, but spread throughout the entire state of Michigan. Even today I am reluctant to share, but my husband gets a kick out of it and busts it out for random house guests on rare occasion.

Fast forward 10 years and sushi, white fish and salmon had all become a major component of my diet. The importance of fish oils had become a major concern for me. So throughout my vegan experience I have found myself realizing that even with the support of supplements, maybe fish was always meant to be a part of me and my diet. I haven’t decided yet.

I started on a nutrition program earlier this summer, which has made an incredible difference in my body, but I am still at a crossroads as to where to go from here. I am constantly trying to figure out where to go and what will best support my body through my diet and exercise routines and this is another one of those “hmmmm,” moments.

Big changes are a comin,’ and this long vacation has been a great way to check in and see how my body is reacting to the foods I’m feeding it and how it’s transitioning from meal to meal. OOOh Where to go from here.

Thank you for your support and love!

For information on nutrition, diet or exercise, contact me and we can do it! I’m thinking about running a cleanse coming up a little later this fall. So stay tuned!