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……I have none.

Seriously though. Just as my blog stated at the beginning of the year, my resolution was to simply rest. I’m the high energy, high intensity, go until I die- kind of girl. I love a great workout. My body was BEGGING me for a break, and a break is exactly what it got.

I took 4.5 weeks of rest. From any sort of workout. I went on some walks and taught my yoga classes, but for the most part, I rested. This is a BIG deal for me, and if you are as in to feeling good and exercising, you understand, just ONE rest day can feel like the end of it all.

So this past week I finally got back in to it, I started with a 4 mile walk and then followed that up with a 2 mile run the next day. No big deal, since 4 miles is my natural go-to, distance, 2 would be a perfect “ease in to it” distance. YEAAAAA.
Like I said to my husband, “I was in a lot better shape when I was in shape.” I was SUCKING wind. Like mouth breathing.

I am impatient. I think this is where we fall off the wagon for our weight loss and workout goals. We, as Americans, expect instant gratification. I worked out THIs hard today, I’m THIS sore, and I expect to be down 5 pounds already. When the scale doesn’t move, we lose motivation. Patience. Patience is key.

This past week:
Saturday: 4 mile walk with one 12 lb dumbbell, 2 of those miles I kicked a soccer ball we had found along the way.
Sunday: 2 mile wind sucking, loud breathing, i had to stop and walk for a second- run. OK this may also be a result from the simple fact that I saw another runner about a quarter mile ahead of me and my goal was to catch her. Once I caught her, I couldn’t just slow down, I had to keep running, or so my ego said, at that same pace. So I did. My first run of two miles was at an average of a 7:51 minute/mile pace. I was dying.
Monday: 2 mile run, just because it sucked yesterday, doesn’t mean it’s going to get easier if I avoid it.
Tuesday: My long day, I teach 5 classes and was able to sneak in a few workouts along the way.
Wednesday: 2 Mile run, it was still hard, but it was getting easier.
Thursday: 1 Hour of hot yoga with my class
Friday: My frist day back at Orange Theory Fitness, and I was pretty certain I was going to die. But again, I enjoy near death workouts.. but I have to say, I couldn’t/CANNOT wait for that workout to feel doable again.
Saturday: Bootcamp/ Tough Mudder Training (crazy obstacle course training) at EastMark Community, followed by a 2 mile run.. THIS RUN, was the BEST run. All the way through at an easy 8:45 pace and no wind sucking at all. YAY!!
Sunday: I met my sweet Jody at OTF for my second beat down. I made it! I ran the entire time and I was absolutely shocked and pleasantly surprised at the difference from today compared to Friday. I was able to jog the entire time, recover, and hang. THANK GOD FOR JODY.
So the key here! LISTEN to what your body needs. It’s ok to give yourself a break, and even if you are coming off of a year or more of a break, it’s always going to be hard at the beginning. This is where you breathe in, exhale, dig in and keep going. Because the pain is worth it. It’s always worth it.

Believe in yourself, it will be well worth it.
SO for you! Here is a little workout you can do within the comfort of your own home:

20 Jumping Jacks
20 Push-Ups
20 Squats
20 Lunges (YES. each side)
20 Dips ( You can use a chair or bench for this exercise- Keep your back as close to the chair or bench as you can, lower yourself all the way down, press up)
20 Mt. Climbers
20 Bicep Curls (If you don’t own dumbbells, you can grab a milk jug, or anything that may be easy to hang on to, that won’t break and will provide you with a decent amount of weight.)
20 FULL sit ups

Repeat this cycle 3 times. Adjust the reps as you see fit.

Get it team! I hope your Valentines Day was full of love. <3 puppycookie