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OOOH I get it! Rise and Energize!

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Did you know the average person should consume around 1,700 calories a day? If you own a pedometer, a fit-bit, or anything that tracks your daily steps or counts calories burned, the ‘average’ person will notice that throughout the day, even when at rest, you will still manage to burn enough calories to bump your intake. Backing up just a bit, when I talk calories, I’m certainly not talking about empty calories (Cheetos, doritos cookies and cake), which provide the body with zero sustainable energy… I’m talking healthy protein and nutrient dense food-type calories… ok!

Me on the other hand, being the special scientific (complete mess) of a human being that I am (at least metabolism-wise), my caloric intake will vary from the “average person.”

So for fun, let’s pretend for a moment that my body worked like the ‘average’ person’s body. Let’s pretend that I burned calories efficiently and my body regulated blood sugar levels in stride. My current age, combined with my current weight, coupled with my physical activity level (5-7 days a week), would demand that I consume somewhere between 2,000 to 2,200 calories per day. However, because my body burns 30% or 300 calories less a day than the average person, I’m reduced to around 1,800 calories per day.

This seems like a lot of calories, especially when you are eating all of the right things. Eating all of the right foods takes practice, it takes practice as to what, it takes practice in figuring out the ‘when’ because you don’t want to find yourself at a 1000 calorie deficit at 8 O’clock at night and then shoveling your face full of food just to make up for lost time. So one of the obvious and very difficult pieces for me was eating before my workouts.

I have somewhat recently started doing this. MIND BLOWN, right?? Wrong. I know this is a “duh” subject, and being that I am a personal trainer myself, I fully understand the benefits and importance of this concept. However, with my body I have constantly struggled with it and it has taken me literally years to figure out what was going to work for me specifically. This (FINALLY I feel it!) helps to maximize my performance during my workouts and even helps to sustain my energy levels even after. So what to eat before you exercise?

I’ve tried toast and peanut butter (prior to my nut allergy days); I’ve tried eating bananas, half of a banana, turkey, chicken, etc., you name it, I’ve tried it. It’s certainly been an uphill battle. So much so that I was actually beginning to doubt the whole theory on eating before exercise. Experimenting with what would and wouldn’t upset my stomach, what wasn’t too heavy for plyometric exercises, and what was going to sustain me until I got to eat again. Then one day… I figured it out. Sayyyy whatttttt???

My preferred combination as of late has been my Isagenix Vegan protein shakes (berry flavor). Over the last 12 months, I’ve had at least one shake every day before my workouts.

I like to sweat early in the morning and I don’t like to wake up any earlier than I absolutely have to. This means I’m usually driving while gulping down the goodness and even then ingesting a shake so close to my workout has not only given me additional energy, but I have yet to experience cramping or an uneasy stomach during. This was a big deal for me.

If a shake isn’t your thing, I recently discovered Eat The Bear! Yea! Two options, for me!
‘Eat the Bear’ is a pre-workout powdered formula (ETB Uncaged 5.0) created JUST for pre workouts (among other things)! Not only do I love ‘Eat the Bear’ because of their name, and the message they stand behind, but the nutrients ETB packs their products with.

‘Eat the Bear’ or ETB is gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free. They pride themselves in all products containing only natural, pure ingredients, and this is exactly why it has me so giddy! ETB has literally zero calories, but offers all of the nutrients necessary to provide your body with the energy required for high intensity workouts. If you need more you can add ETB to protein; they also offer a great whey protein option, and if you’re vegan or dairy sensitive, you can find an alternative protein that works best for you.

My body is picky, sensitive and otherwise irritable, so I must be very careful regarding what I eat and drink. Although you may think you don’t have to worry about your diet as much, make sure you give yourself what you need and when you need it in order to function properly and ongoing.

As a fitness instructor and personal trainer, I am constantly moving; crashing mid-client or mid workout is simply not an option. So yes, do yourself a favor and eat or drink something PRIOR to your workout and make sure you get something in your system (protein) following it. You’ll be blown away by the results and all this talk about “exercise giving you energy,” won’t seem like such bull anymore.

Kill it!

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