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Because creativity shouldn’t come from obligation, but from inspiration.

I have had the most brilliant few months, and I have been so overwhelmed (in the best way) with living life, that sharing it with the world in long winded sentences, just never took precedence.

Life is a roller coaster already, but add in some really amazing highs and you’ve got yourself a record shattering roller coaster!

In September one of my number one goals, one I had always been terrified to share with anyone in fear that it wouldn’t come true (completely ridiculous, by the way, if you want something to happen.. put it out there.) well, it came true.

lululemon Chandler surprised me with a scavenger hunt, completed with the most delicious cupcakes, which read “WILL YOU BE OUR AMBASSADOR??” Because this was the very same weekend my entire family was back in Michigan to spread my sweet grandfathers ashes along the shores of his favorite fishing spots, (Yea. You’re welcome. You’re definitely swimming in that.) I was extra emotional. Like not “oh cute, she shed a tear-emotional.” It was much more, ‘Aw crap, that is an ugly cr.. sob. That is an UGLY SOB.’ The mind blowing amount of emotions that bubble up when you accomplish something you want so badly!!!! Is an indescribable feeling and I swear since September 27, my heart has grown 5 times its size.

Every day in between has been just as unbelievable. To break it down and stuff it in to a tiny little nut shell, here is the gist of it: Two of my best friends from high school got married, I got to spend a lot of time with my friends back in the upper Midwest, it was awesome. The most heart wrenching piece of it all was when my sister left her dream job to become full care taker for my grandma. ZERO hesitation, might I add.

Yea, let’s talk about that a little bit. She is my person. Kori is my through it all, loves me until absolutely no end and questions me on every freaking decision I have ever made in my entire life.. from going to go to the bathroom to what I need to eat for dinner (usually corn and mushrooms). She is just the best on every level. I couldn’t ever do what she’s doing and the amount of respect I have for her is outrageous. The amount of envy I have for her is little to none. Selfishly I’m crushed to have her move so far from me, but aside from myself, I could not be any more proud of her. I am so lucky to have her. Wherever she is.

And TODAY! Today was my lululemon ambassador photo shoot. Because I’m still a bit on cloud nine from it all, I felt ridiculously happy and inspired to chit chat about it. I made myself nervous over the fact that there was this big production set up for and around me. That’s a lot of pressure. But what I am most excited about is how I actually went in to this shoot. With little to no expectation of how I was to look or what I was to look like. Typically I would take an hour doing my hair, drying it, curling it, and setting it (whatever that means). Then another hour completing my make up, or paying someone to do it for me (which initially, my amazing make-up artist of a sister was going to be here for that, and I blew it when I caught the flu.) I digress, these little things which would normally have me so stressed out, didn’t affect me even a little bit today. I left my hair natural and curly so it took me 13 seconds to add some oil to it, I face timed my sister for step by step directions on how to make my face look presentable, threw on some clothes and waltzed my way to the Village for an all day event of just yoga, with Tam as my guide, Allan as my photographer and Amy and Crystal as just my incredible super amazing among other synonyms of support I had just one of the best days. Tam, who is the reason for the season.. or photo sesh. I wouldn’t be where I am without her, straight up. She introduced me to yoga when she went through her teacher training, she supported me when I completed my teacher training. I was there when she was asked to be Chandlers very first ambassador and she showed up when I was asked 4 years later. I love little things like that. I love how life works and it’s in those moments, those take always that make life so worth, well, everything. All of the little things, that aren’t even that little. My focus was there. I didn’t worry about how I looked at all during the actual shoot. I wasn’t stressed out about the fact that my hair was it’s natural messy self, or that I couldn’t figure out how to focus my gaze. It literally took me all day to figure out how to accurately practice yoga 😉 . I completely let go, a lot of that had to do with the amazing support I had surrounding me all day, but on a personal note I didn’t beat myself up… too much. I’m not perfect. It is so visually clear to me in every photo that I am not perfect. I could never be a super model, but I can do a few yoga poses. And Aside from that, I absorb confidence from the people who all believe in me regardless of my imperfect perfection. It’s hard to sit there and wish for anything else, Really.

My point is this; life is just really good. There is a lot of crazy in this world and it’s necessary to acknowledge all of that, but it’s also necessary to do our part in enjoying one another, treating one another the way we would like to be treated, building each other up and spending time loving instead of breaking ourselves and others down.

There is always something to be grateful for. Always. Look for that.

And when you wake up every morning, remind yourself, “TODAY, yes TODAY! will be the very best day of my entire life. “







Until next time.. which could be soon, might be later, but this is what it is for now. XO Namaste 😉