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PCOS and Dairy..

I tend to over exert myself because I like to think I can do it all.  I’m not sure if I usually run myself in to the ground because my body is just not made for anything strenuous for long periods of time, or if I just haven’t trained it to be.

Either way,  I have found myself trying to scoop my people up when they are falling.  I felt I was scooped up when I needed to be most, so I try with all my might to return the favor.  Sometimes… most times that means I’m left suffocating.  I have been fighting a cold for nearly 3 weeks.  I can feel it in my lymph, it hurts to swallow and I finally woke up broken.  I’ll be fine, it was just a reminder that I’m good at neglecting myself.  Anyway!

The neglect led me back to many-a-doctors including my gynecologist.  I want to touch on this because I haven’t been super focused on my PCOS, which seems to be so common these days, I kind of steered away from it.  I get this excuse a lot from members and students alike;  “I Have PCOS so I can’t…” bull shit.  Anyway I understand we all function differently, but we have every opportunity to control the things we CAN control.  Example one: our food intake.  this is crucial.  I have been relatively great about what I eat.  Regardless of my portion control issues (I am -as previously stated in multiple posts) an over eater.  But I am also an exercise fanatic.  Do I believe my way is the best and healthiest way?  Absolutely not.  But I am also very aware of how my body functions with what I put in it VS how much I burn on a daily basis.

My favorite quote about grocery shopping aside from “ALLLL THE FOOD!!!!” is “90% of the healthiest foods can be found on the perimeter of the store.”  including the Safeway on Baseline and Ellsworth, there’s a ton of wine on one entire wall. ;P  I digress.

The point is, is that if you want to treat yourself to something, treat yourself to a healthier option.  I was able to stabilize my hormones with the simple combination of acupuncture and yoga.  My diet is mostly gluten free (I would say 98% of it),  I love sugar, but this causes plenty of additional issues.  So dark.dark chocolate, ALWAYS dairy free. ALWAYS.  If there is one dietary suggestion I could give for those of you with and even those of you WITHOUT PCOS, try your best to avoid dairy.  This is tricky because it’s in a lot of foods.  Read your labels.  Dairy products can screw with your hormones and with PCOS, we are a walking hormone imbalance as is.  The source of our dairy: cows, are typically given hormones and antibiotics to produce more milk than they would naturally.  In general dairy is an inflammatory so even if you don’t think you have a sensitivity to it, try removing it for a few weeks and you’ll probably be able to breathe better, your skin may clear up if acne is an issue and brain fog may dissipate.  It’s not magic, it’s just not natural.

There are certain cheeses that may be a better alternative even if they are dairy: Goat cheese, ricotta and even sheeps milk is sometimes ok.  It’s a better option anyway.  Otherwise there are additional milk options:  Almond milk, coconut milk (delicious), flaxseed, hemp, on and on and on.  You are not lacking in options these days, THAT is for sure.  So for those of you who have just been recently diagnosed with polycyctic Ovarian Syndrome, don’t fret.  This is the time to have it.  When I was diagnosed I couldn’t find any dairy substitutes, I got you.

So for your first tip.  Remove the dairy, remove gluten … see how you feel after 21 days.

I have in addition to a trip to my gyno, I have been seeing my Maly;she provides acupressure, she balances me, clears me and saves me really.  I have finally gotten back in to see my favorite acupuncturist of all time, April.  She’s also part of my army of my pursuit of happiness and grace.  If you need either of their numbers I only ask that you bribe me with rotisserie chicken and avocado… then.. and only then will I consider dishing you the goods.  I work out and I’m working on sleep.  We will refocus on the importance of sleep in another post, but for now.  (all hands in) NON DAIRY ON 3! 1-2-3! NON DAIRY!