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Remember that time…

When I promised I knew big things were coming, but I hadn’t yet established what those “big things,” were…

Yea. SURPRISE! I figured it out. One was that I’m all in for everything I want to do as long as my heart is fully on board. So here we are.

“I need to move in to Denver, I just need to do it, I just have to find a roommate. I was really so disappointment when Scott didn’t get the job because I really had this feeling I was going to be with someone I knew and was familiar with. Someone I could just be myself with completely from the beginning.” -My life long Best, Sara.

“well. Why not me?”-Me

The end.

So to kick start off my 2017, I found the most amazing human to claim as mine. :::Because we all know how I love to claim my people.:::
And Then I’m bailing on him as well as my other people for a new adventure up in the Rockies. I couldn’t be more freaking excited.

I’m moving the end of April, but I”ll be back. So for all of my people… please don’t fret.

I love you. CHEERS! To new Beginnings! and CHEERS to 2017!
Side Note: I’m keeping Andrew. Don’t get it twisted.