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Week 19

Week 19 brings with it a Mango, a cold and added blood flow to babes and less to moms, which apparently causes “pregnancy brain.”  While reading this little tid bit of info to my sister, her response was: “are you always pregnant?”  I love you too.

But this is no joke, I forget everything, I have more to do than my mind can retain and working out has proven to be far more challenging than ever.  I went a few weeks with two-a-days, but pregnancy+cold=weak little ol’ me.  Again, I have to talk myself down from the: “you’re stronger than that, stop balling on your workouts, youuuuu pussy!” Negative Pep talks. I took two solid days off from working out last week, and my body wasn’t complaining in any way.

As I have also mentioned, I’ve been experiencing terrible, terrible back pain.  Not sciatic, but low back for sure.  I know it’s just the stretching from the front side.  Either way, it was limiting me on everything I did.  I was walking like grandma, getting out of bed was a chore, with this cold brought sneezing and I’ll tell you what, a sneeze has never been so terrifying.  I would try to bend my knees if I felt one coming on while I was standing, trying to loosen up a bit so I wouldn’t pull anything.  It. Did. Not. Matter.  So I went along with it for weeks.  It disrupted my yoga practice, my workouts, walking, laying down, sitting, essentially everything.

Blame it on my pregnancy brain, but after the gym one day, I grabbed my phone and shot a text to the greatest acupuncturist on the planet asking her if she thought cupping might help.  She was immediate with her response of: “YES! I have points for that too!” She squeezed me in two days later.  The longest two days of my life lead me to her massage table where she had me lay on my side, stuck me up and down with needles and within 15 minutes the pain was completely gone.  I didn’t want to move after the treatment, so like a zombie I slowly arose.  once up, she asked if I had any pain anywhere and to show her the very location.  I did just that, and she proceeded with some light cupping and scraping.  I walked to my car stiff as a board because for the first time in weeks upon weeks, I wasn’t in any pain and I was not willing to screw that up.

And it lasted and lasted and lasted.

I don’t know how to tell you the relief but it brought tears to my eyes every time I had reached out to tell April or even just Andrew how grateful I was to feel normal again.  This was such a big deal!  The only thing bothering me after that, well.  I felt my right hip might have been out of place.  I went for a quick visit to my chiropractor and his first question was; “HOW ARE YOU FEELING??” his second question: “Can you feel how out of wack your hips are? your right hip is sitting so much higher than your left.”  Once he adjusted me, I left feeling like a million bucks.  And then I came down with a cold.

Can’t win them all, but aside from being unable to breath- I am SO HAPPY to feel normal again! Hallejluah.

I have all the resources if you need them.  And to just reiterate time and time again, I am the most grateful for being home in a state where I have the people who love and take care of me better than I could have ever asked for.


umm I don’t have any in particular unless I’m REALLY hungry, and a cold doesn’t help.

Andrews Cravings:

Buffalo Wings
Mac N Cheese
Siracha Almonds

That’s about all folks!  Happy Happy week 19!



week 18- You’re doing it wrong.

OH a GAME CONSOLE CONTROLLER!  For those of you too young to remember, that to the left is an original Nintendo controller. #AndOtherLifeLessons.

Oh man.  This year has been seriously a 180 from last year.  a 1.8.0.  I cannot get over it.  Which is why I’m on constant repeat when it comes to thinking about all that has changed in just, a little less than a year.

I mean round one for both of us went like this (as mentioned previously, but to reitterate):



Engaged. Married. Travel. Divorce.

His went:

Engaged. Married. Baby. Divorce.

I mean that’s the outline society has created for us, I mean, perhaps divorce isn’t dialed in there, but you get it.  We followed most of those steps already and they both ended the same way.   Divorce is devastating and it affects everyone around you.  Thankfully, I had all of the support in the world, but after meeting Andrew I got to live the very dark side of divorce and all the crap that accompanies it.  ‘It,’ until this day and probably for many, many more to come, breaks him every moment.  He is constantly affected by it.  Sigh. I got you babe.  The beauty that came from each of our stories was growth, which eventually lead us to one another.  I still can’t believe we ended up together.  #SorryLadies.

So this time we decided to do it our way.

Pregnant. Engaged. Plan wedding shower.  Plan wedding.  Married.  Plan baby shower. Baby. Live happily ever after.

This past weekend, along with my very present bump, Andrew took me up to his families cabin in Prescott.  We had been planning this weekend for awhile and I couldn’t wait to get out of the RIDICULOUS heat of which we call October, or ‘fall.’  Come on now! (I literally had a dream last night that it was snowing and I was dancing around telling everyone, I was so excited!) whatever.  I digress.

It was soooo chilly at night, I loved it! We went to bed Friday night after he took me to Urgent Care.  (We count ‘firsts’ as much as possible these days.  I had to ask him if he had ever, in all the years visiting Prescott,  been to Urgent Care.  He shook his head ‘no,’ I took that as a win. heh!)

I had little red spots appear on the back of my throat earlier in the day, to which the Dr. exclaimed; “Aww! You have a little strawberry patch on your throat!” Ummm what the hell does that mean and why may I ask are you so excited to see that?  It was just a viral infection and after all strep tests came back negative, we bailed and went to grab dinner and food for the next day.

Saturday morning came. And when I say Saturday morning, I mean 1:50AM- middle of the night. Andrews alarm went off and within ten minutes we were on the road.  Our goal was to make it to the tippy top of the state to Page, Arizona to enjoy the beauty of HorseShoe bend at sunrise.  We arrived, freezing and 5 layers deep, we hiked the little dirt path in the dark along with a ridiculous amount of other people.  Come on now! It’s 6AM on a Saturday!

We sat on the edge of the canyon peering down 1000 feet in to the Colorado River below us.  The wind was blowing so that helped me with my gratitude list that day: number two: I am grateful for this puffy jacket. (number 1:  I am grateful Andrew did all of the driving.)

Babe had mentioned to me as we arrived along with the school bus of a million high school kids, “Let’s go some place where it’s just us.”  This was normal for him because he doesn’t love crowds so I thought nothing of it.  Luckily, there was plenty of open real estate.  We walked a little further around the edge to find some space where he busted out his go pro-the one we HAD to have for Hawaii, (which never got used), but anyway, we took some great photos that morning!  as we patiently awaited, we didn’t realize that although sunrise was projected for 6:32AM, there was a hill behind us, preventing any sunlight from hitting the canyon for another hour.

As we waited we sat on the cold, calcified, sand stone and attempted to stay warm.  He was wearing a sweatshirt and shorts, I was dressed for snow.  I moved in front of him and unzipped my jacket demanding he stick his hands in it to warm them.  He did.  After awhile he removed them, his left hand dipped in to his pocket, “GIVE IT BACK TO ME!” I snapped, worried he might lose fingers.  So he did.  A few moments later he had pulled his right hand out of my jacket to remove the ring on my left ring finger.  He had given me this Alex and Ani ring back before Denver as a “promise ring.”  I thought nothing of it, maybe he wanted to warm my hands?  Maybe I was still in zombie mode, or maybe I was so cold, nothing really registered.  Either way, he then reached in to his pocket and pulled out the most beautiful morganite ring.  It was the very one he and I had picked out together months prior.  As he wiped tears away from his eyes he asked me simply; “Will you marry me?”  and I, trying to once again comprehend what was happening, responded with “AWWW BABEEEE!” and kissed him and kissed him and kissed him. He whispered again in my ear, “babe, will you marry me?”  (wake up Kiley.)  I whispered right back in to his ear and replied with “yes babe, yes I’ll marry you!”

It was more like “DUH I”LL MARRY YOU!” because the best part about this story was a week prior I had picked up our wedding invitations and I had asked him.. “Am I sending these out before we are engaged?” and his response was “I guess you’re going to have to, huh?”  little shit.    Most of our wedding has been planned since August, it’s just been the little details. SURPRISE!  haha!  I love surprises and I’m so happy he got me.  I won’t lie, I was secretly hoping it was going to happen over the weekend.  I just tried desperately not to get my hopes up.

I’m so giddy about all of this!  Now.  How lucky am I?  but really. How lucky am I?

From there we drove back to the same gas station we stopped at on the way in to town and then continued up the street to grab a tour of Antelope Canyon.  It has been a bucket list item of mine and I’m so thrilled we fulfilled it together.  It was an hour tour of the most amazing piece of nature I have been a part of.

Our one-hour tour came to a close and we hit yet another gas station where we pulled out our picnic lunch and sat curbside, half awake, but happy.

we drove back to the cabin, another 3.5 hour drive, once home, I made Andrew some Mac and cheese, we showered, passed out and (barely) woke for some local pizza for dinner then promptly headed back to the house where we got ready for bed again and slept all night long.

Sunday we woke, we packed everything, cleaned the cabin, packed the car, and headed over to Andrews favorite breaky spot; “The Sweet Potato Cafe,” a little ma and pop shop, which was adorable.  We ate and drove another two hours home.

It was a whirlwind of a weekend, but one I will never forget. I am grateful for you babe.  Thank you for taking so much of your own energy and dumping it in to a weekend of frigid temps and long drives just to put a ring on it. I cannot wait to make you mine 😉 I love you so much.

As far as our bump date goes for this week:

I am feeling full, clothes are getting tight and my back is still in SO much pain.  I am 100 years old and sneezing feels like it might end my life.  my girlfriend let me borrow her belly band from when she was pregnant.  I keep it wrapped around me most of the time that I’m home and I sleep every single night in it too.  I feel like a sexy sumo wrestler. (insert eye roll here)


I’ve been taking a group fit class at Mountainside called “muscle,” this week I am giddy I can actually do it, some exercises I bow out on, like my very favs; deadlifts, I just can’t anymore, along with anything ab related, for obvious reasons.  Too much plyo irritates my back, so I’ve had discussions with my ego “It’s OK, you’re not a complete pussy, you have good reason to take it easy.”  So I’m feeling good, still trying to get my yoga in a couple days a week.  Tomorrow I’ll go take spin.  I don’t love spin.


  • Eh, I don’t feel like anything at all.  I”ll eat whatever when it comes down to it though.
  • Isagenix is just a necessary habit at this point.
  • Water

Andrews Cravings:

  • Blue bunny has been on sale at Basha’s and well… we have made a couple of trips this week.
  • Cookies and Cream drumsticks
  • Cookies and Cream Bunny Bites
  • Ice Cream Sandwhiches
  • Blue Bunny Ice Cream (gallon)
  • RockStar
  • Cheddar Bunnies (Think Goldfish only Costco style)
  • Lincolns Mac and Cheese
  • Gummy Bears from Sprouts


I’m loving that we are (nearly) half way there! YAY! Life is happy and good.

We took this right after he proposed.  Sleepy, Cold, and perfectly happy.

Week 17- October 11, 2017

Week 17

Holy. What?  I can NOT get over the fact that we are already here at week 17.  I could repeat that a few more times to help myself believe it, but eh.

This week has been pretty uneventful.  I got to work out 6 days this past week and that brings me great joy. My greatest complaint is back pain.  Low back pain forces me to workout, but asks me to stay in bed.  I want to do zero and I understand exactly why others with chronic pain choose to stay sedentary, but I know better and I’ll tell you what, any kind of exercise will save your life and your loins.  I can’t tell you how magical yoga is.  I have always stressed this to my students because it’s always made me feel amazing, HOWEVER, I have never had such terrible pain and to feel the instant relief from yoga has been really even more eye opening. YOGA. DO IT.

Also, remember you don’t have to be in shape to do yoga, you don’t have to be ‘good’ or ‘flexible’ to do yoga.  You JUST have to show up.  That’s absolutely it.  Finding a consistent practice allows for flexibility it’s the whole point.  I’m not good.  I’m weak, and it SAVES ME! Go. Now. just go.

Recent Developments:

-I have started training private clients.  I love this.  I miss training, I miss coaching, I miss teaching.
-We had another OB/ generic check up where we got to hear babes heartbeat again. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH
-I have a bump!  Like, I feel it’s a legit bump.  There are days where you can’t see it, but I feel pressure now, I have to pee more frequently, and I feel like it’s starting to feel like a pregnancy bump.  I am terrified and so excited because it’s really real now.  I think.


  •  nothing is as intense as it was those first 12 weeks.  Andrew has kind of taken over in that department.  HOWEVER.  The consistencies in my desires are as follows;
  • Chili.  I have made more chili and I crave it when we don’t have it.  Must be that it’s finally fall.
  • Pita Jungle:  Hummus and Chicken.  Please and thank you.  As many times a week as possible.
  • Iced Chai: Don’t judge me.  Babes asked me for caffeine and I deliver. So off my back.
  • Applesauce: Still.  I’m 5.

Andrews Cravings: (Dude still has a six pack and a perfect butt, so don’t let the following fool you-it’s just a better list than mine so I thought I should share)
-Halotop Ice Cream.. any flavor.  He is also the fitness dude at Boeing, and he did carry a pint in to work with him one afternoon.  #TopReasonsIloveHim
-Ice Cream Sandwiches
-Rockstar: talk about caffeine
-Pita Jungle Nachos
-More Nachos
-McDonalds: French fries, sausage McMuffins,
-Cookies: soft sea salt Carmel, chocolate chip cookies from sprouts, OR Aj’s cookies
-Funfetti cake:: I’m sorry!
-To be healthy

My Favorite things that have fallen out of Lincolns face this week:

Linc: “Who are those for?” as I pulled out baby clothes my sweet Auntie sent.
Me: “Who do you think they are for?”
Linc: “My baby brother? He’s going to love those.  When do you think we can get him a matching shirt like mine?”
Me: “We’ll have to go shopping for him, won’t we?”
Linc: “Yea and maybe we could get him a (insert list of everything Lincoln owns here) to match me too.”
Me: blink blink- yeaaaaa.

Linc:  “I told my pen pal Eli that I have 12 people in my family and I included Kiley as my step mom.”
Me: “aww you have a pen pal? where is he from?”
Linc: “I don’t know we just wrote it TODAYYY! We had to give it to our teacher.” (duhhhh-he was annoyed with our questions)
Andrew: ” Is he in this state?”
Linc: “No, I JUST WROTE IT TODAY.” ok well we have no idea where Eli lives, but that was sweet.

Linc: ” Kiley, is my baby brother going to be a Christian?”
Me: “I guess we’ll find out won’t we?”
Linc: “Aren’t you a christian?”
Me: “Yes, but he gets to make that decision on his own, huh? Just like you did.”
Linc: “Ok!”

So that’s all folks!  And I’m still chilling with Granny as much as I can.  I’m lucky 🙂

 I have been accompanying Granny to all of her radiation appointments.  We think she looks like Harry Carry, She wants to keep this outfit for Halloween.  I don’t blame her. I think it’s a good look.  Also my shirt was a bad decision, but you can see my bump above. 🙂


Week 16- October 4, 2017

Week 16

Well here yee here yee! week 16!

This past week we finally got to announce to the world about our little nugget baking in my oven.  I can’t tell you how giddy excited I have been to share this news since we first found out about it!  We know people are going to judge. so this post is all about it!

We have decided to do everything completely backwards and I”ll tell you why:

The first time we each were married, we did everything traditionally.  And since that seemed to fail, here we are: knocked up, living together, not quiet engaged, but our wedding is pretty much completely planned and our wedding invitations will be done next week.  Eat that society 😉

I couldn’t have planned it better really.  I get to walk down the aisle to my man wearing a 7 month bump and I am elated.  I just can’t get over all of the things life has given us.  God is good.

quick update:

  • I like food
  • I sort of like Spin
  • I like Yoga
  • I’m spending as much time as I can with granny and ma before ma runs off to Dallas for training for her new position with Southwest Air 🙂
  • I like Pita Jungle Tapas
  • I like my boppy pillow
  • I love that everyone knows about nugget/Ovie/Babes! YAY!
  • I like lifting, Andrew has made me sore, babe has made my back hurt, all in all we are crushing it over here.

and we are at week 16! Already! AHHH!

Week 15: Lincoln and Leo

Week 15

Last night we had the pleasure of letting our current little man in on the secret that he was going to be a big bro.
Mind you little man is an only child, an only grandchild, and lover to boot. HOWEVER, little is also 5.5 years old, so we were a little unsure how the reveal was going to go.

Prior to us telling him, he, in the car ride home, decided to let us know that he wanted a little brother.  We just looked at each other for this was the first time he mentioned a little brother.  He had at one point mentioned a little sister and we played it off (That was prior to us knowing the gender).  So he proceeded with “What if I had 1000 brothers!?” I quickly responded with: “I’m sorry, that’s never going to happen. I can promise you one, maybe two.  but 1000 is completely out of the question.”  Lincoln: “OK!”

Before we actually revealed anything to him, we bought him a long-sleeved shirt that read “BEST BROTHER EVER.”
Little can’t read, but he’s attempting to, Kindergarten… they teach them so young these days. We also bought him two, 3-D super hero framed posters to go with his super hero themed room. He loved them, but he loves presents.  The shirt threw him because well, it was a shirt, with words on it. That means about nada to a little dude who can’t read, especially one who would much rather watch Slugtera and play legos all day long. Whatevs. Things change bro, I love me a brand new shirt. ANYWAY.

When we got down to the nitty gritty, we had to help him sound out the words on his new shirt.  After he put the word ‘bro-ther,’ together, he asked, “why does it say brother? I don’t have a brother?” He was so confused. So I asked him if he still wanted a little brother and he replied with a super slow.. and apprehensive.. “YEAAAAAAAAAAA!?” I asked him; “what if we promised to give you one?” With an excited, unsure head nod over and over and over with a shit eating grin on his now, very red face, he yelled; “yea!” We had to give him a minute to process it because that’s a life changer and we could see the confusion written all over him. We showed him pictures of the ultrasound and once we unwrapped his new posters he started to relax and ask a bunch of questions.

“Soooo, Dad is going to be my brothers dad? And who will be his mom?” Andrew, without sugar, replied with; “Kiley, your baby brother is in Kiley’s belly right now.” He asked, “where?” as if there was a window peering in to my uterus.  His little mind was reeling, so we just waited for him to feel comfortable and confident in it all.

It wasn’t but moments later that he had a wholeeeeeeee bunch of questions for us:

“So you’re Going to be my brothers mom, too!?”
Me: Yes Linc.
“So will we have to get my brother a twin bed like mine?
Me: “Probably a crib for now Linc, remember when you were really little, you didn’t have a twin bed, right?” He replied with a
“Yes, but do we get to share a room?”
Me -Well, we thought you might like to have your own room for awhile and baby can have his own room too.
Lincoln: “OK!”
“So what are we going to name my little brother?” I shot a look at Andrew and he just shook his head ‘no’ with an- “I’m not sure what to do right now, but let’s just leave it.”
I looked at Linc; “Well, we all get to choose what we name him, do you have any good ideas?”
Linc: “I think we should name him Emery.” I like that, that’s cute.
From there it went to ‘backpack, superman, batman, pencil, book… and then he asked what the name on the tag of his new shirt read.. I read it to him; ‘carter’s.’
Linc: “We should name him carters!” I dig Carter.
“Do we get to make up his last name too, or does it have to be Taylor like mine?”
Me: “it has to be Taylor like yours, but we can decide on his first and middle name, ok?”
He obliged and decided: “I just want his name to be Leo Nickel Taylor.” Andrew and I laughed and replied with a simple “Ok.” And that was that. He hasn’t let go of it since.
Linc: “Where is my brothers shirt? Does he get one that looks like mine too?”
Me: “Yes, we’ll have to find him one, just a lot smaller, huh? You can help us pick it out.”
Linc: “YAAA!”

We had to run to the store and as we were walking in to the garage, my mom called. I had her on speaker and Linc couldn’t wait to tell her the news.

“TELL HER I’m GETTING A BABY BROTHER!!!” I told him to tell her, so he did, and then he said-

“TELL HER WHO I’m GETTING IT FROM!” hahaha! I told him to let her know.

So he yelled “KILEY! I’m getting my baby brother from Kiley!” I’m laughing.
He continued: “tell her what we are going to name him!” I just held up my phone and nodded for him to go ahead, he yelled “LEO!!!” As much as I love Leo, I know he’s pulling that from the hilarious little kid from his fav show, Lab Rats. But I guess that’s where we all get our inspiration from, eh?

I’m pretty lucky to be mama to this babe-to-be and soon-to-be-step mom to Lincoln Love, but even more excited to marry this dude who has given me all of the boys! Who knew this would be where life brought me. I’m feeling extra grateful on this Fall day in September. I just really can’t imagine life any other way, and I wouldn’t want it to be.


  • Same.  A lot of Protein really.
  • Isagenix shakes. For. The. Win.
  • Water. I’m failing at this. but I want it.


  • Cycle
  • Yoga
  • Lifting with babe.  My back has been REALLY bothering me, so I’m limited on my weight training, but I do try to do everything I possibly can to break a sweat.


Week 14


OHHH My little pony, My little pony… do do do do do do do do

Let’s see let’s see.

Babe is definitely showing himself. According to the bump I should look pregnant now and when people ask to help me because I’m too weak to carry my own groceries I should take advantage.

Things I love this week:

Andrew. He’s my rock and I love him.
My Dogs.
The Fam.


Cycle. I made it to a couple of classes.
Lifting. I made it in for some light lighting a few days this week.
Foam Rolling. This I’ve had to make a priority to keep my muscles happy.


  • Pita Jungle. I’m all about the hummus and chicken right now.
Applesauce. Unsweetened. Andrew wanted a funfetti cake and after a fail with butter, I bought some applesauce and then killed the jar and bought another.
  • Shakes. Isagenix Shakes.  This is still one of my daily staples. I need an extra 300 calories a day and this has been an easy addition to fill-er-up.
  • Water. I feel thirsty. Constantly. And I’m peeing so much more frequently. Bla

Baby Stuff:

We have started baby registries.  In fact my sweet love took a day off so we could go do this.  Mind you-I never had to beg for this, he woke me up and offered and I was so excited for a day with him.  However! Registering for baby is exhausting and I’ve been trying to avoid the bottle aisle, the car seat aisle, the mattress aisle.  Ok I am just tired and I want to wait and see what little baby likes.  Luckily Andrew has done this before so he created patience with the whole process.  Another reason I should have attended yoga prior to my day.

During this excursion, Andrew bought me a poppy pillow because my belly is pulling and I was starting to recruit outside pillows for support at night. When he asked me if I wanted one, I replied with “do you care if it’s in bed with us?” His simple response was this: “Ki, You have been sleeping with 12 pillows and you are nowhere to be found. This is an upgrade.” TOUCHE I’m thrilled and as much as I love sleep- I’m wondering why I didn’t have this pre pregnancy.  I’m wondering why all body pillows don’t come in this shape.

That’s pretty much all that’s happening.  More exercise, better sleep, snuggles w another pillow and food.  #Pregnancy.  It’s apparently happening and I can’t seem to comprehend it all. EEEEK


Studmuffin or Cupcake? Gender Reveal:: Week 13


Dear Happiest Week 13!

I hit week 12, 1 day and just like everyone said; my nausea vanished. It turned in to crazy headaches, but I’m happy to trade. Naps are non negotiable, but HOORAY FOR FEELING HUMAN!

This week we met with my specialist, Dr. Russel with maternal fetal medicine. She was really wonderful. We had our second ultrasound done where we got to see babe looking more like, well, a babe. An actual tiny human. Baby is just 3 inches long and about .80 ounces, or at least thats what we were measuring, which is about a week later than where we where we are on the calendar.

Although our ultrasound tech thought we would be able to see the sex even at 12.5 weeks due to the fact she was giving us a 4D ultrasound, she unfortunately, -because babe was hanging from the ceiling of my uterus just chilling, (Acroyogi) With it’s legs crossed,-  was unable to see what he/she might be.
After a few attempts she asked me to stand up stretch and jump around a little bit to see if we could make baby move some for different photo ops, then she left the room.  Andrew, up until this appointment, had kept his prediction on the down low. As soon as we sat down in the ultrasound room, he told me exactly what he thought and he followed it with a “100%!” He was so sure. Upon her return she let us know the girls had received our progenity Genetics test results, which also contained babes gender. IN addition to that, she let us know that she saw the results and as much as she wanted to correct me every time I used he or she, she wouldn’t, and I was left hoping she would slip up.

After the LONGEST ultrasound bout ever with some luck, enough luck, we met with Dr. Russel. We discussed the pregnancy plan as well as delivery. she shared that all genetic testing came back negative and the ultrasounds looked wonderful. She then asked if we wanted to know the gender and of course we both responded with an anxious “YES!” And as calm as she could she let us know “OK, well Baby is a male.”
A healthy baby boy! It gives me chills just thinking about it.  WHY AREN”T YOU MORE EXCITED, DOC!?! hahaha I had to keep it together.

I’m sad we didn’t take a video of little man, because he was already moving so much. He started off with squats, or maybe dancing, maybe his kidneys were already functioning, who knows? Then he stretched out, legs fully extended only after I had stretched out to get him to move. He started sliding back and forth like a bear itching it’s back on a tree. The amount of movement this little sea monkey was making made it impossible for me to understand why I haven’t been able to feel him yet. I am crazy about him already. Really.

I spent the afternoon baking cakes with one of my best girlfriends to reveal what babe was going to be just to surprise our parents. I couldn’t wait. It was extra exciting because everyone thought it was going to be a girl, I think everyone was hoping for a girl. But after all Andrew and I couldn’t decide on a girls name anyway, so it was probably for the best we’ll be dressing a little in bow ties and suspenders VS Tutus. This round anyway.

It’s just so funny how life happens. How life grows within another. We have zero control over what we end up carrying.  I am so grateful to be where I am to be with who I am, to be mom to this little being. And I’m loving that he is letting me get to the gym again and eat. Cravings have subsided, but I’m just not as hungry as I should be. 2nd trimester means upping caloric intake approximately 350 or so calories. That has been a fail but!

This week I got to workout a solid 4 times.
Two days I was out with a headache.
Two Days I spent in my first spin classes since, somewhere prior to pregnancy and
Two days I got to sweat with my Andrew at the gym. Like I actually had some sweaty workouts. YAY! I’m so grateful to be feeling normal again.

I just feel like I’ve got it all.

Andrew is awesome <— his contribution

~Nothing specific, I feel normal, but still not in need of sugar.
~I’m able to eat chicken again, I suppose that has been my latest craving, chicken, I also think thats when the nausea started to subside, when I added animal protein back in to my diet. (Often I think of the documentary ‘What the Health,’ and I want to instantly throw up, but I feel confident I need it at the moment.)
~The best part is that I”m not grossed out by anything specific anymore. Filibertos will probably never ever happen in my lifetime, but seriously.

Sleep- I am knock out tired once a day minimum. I am out within seconds of closing my eyes every time. I’m not mad, unless it’s a short 10 minute nap, then I wake up to a heart attack because I usually have an alarm set.

Otherwise I’m feeling pretty great and I’m happy, healthy and I got all of my boys and my little ladies loving me on the daily. I’m the luckiest. Happy week 13!! I’m bumpin!

Waiting for our tech to come in and show us our nugget!

 Ruby June

Week 12

This has been the week I have been looking forward to!

Nausea hasn’t gone away. Headaches are more frequent. But the reality is, I think it could be worse.

Literally the day I could say I was 12 weeks along, my sweet sweet lovey long friend, Renee offered me the best 2 hour massage. My neck and back have been bothering me, and I needed her more than she knows. (Love. Thank you!)

Along with week twelve came headaches. A lot of them. Like food didn’t fix it.. and with that came this constant urge to just up and vomit. It was just chillin’ at the base of my throat. I kept it in.. but it was like..just waittttt for it… at any moment…. It might be the tale of projectile vomiting near the free weights.

I can definitely see more of a bump. I just look like I’ve been eating too much. Which I *SURPRISINGLY* haven’t been. My very first Dr. Appointment at 5 weeks, I was weighing in at 141, I was barely eating because I was so sick to my stomach. This week I weighed in at 144 and I am eating a lot more. This week we also got to hear babes heartbeat for the very first time. These little milestones are big milestones being that:

A. Its still such a good story to tell, it just feels like a story.
B. It wasn’t ever supposed to happen, so I’m still in awe and these little things really make everything feel so much bigger, so real! I really really really can not seem to wrap my head around it.. My heart is there, but my head is in the clouds.

We spent last week in my hometown. I got to take Andrew to see it in all of it’s glory. We had perfect weather, great food and of course all the time with my sister. I was so happy. We worked out a total of 3 times during our quick visit. I’m struggling to make a push through any of these workouts so as much as I usually sweat, I have not been able to get myself to break a sweat unless I’m doing some form of cardio.. which I have an aversion to … must be because I’m pregnant ;P

This next week we meet with our specialist, I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS APPOINTMENT! We will receive a 3D/4D ultrasound which should also give us a very clear answer as to what baby’s gender is.

Will little be a BOY or a GIRL? Cupcakes and Studmuffins. I’m so excited!

Week 11

Week 11

EXTRA EXTRAAAAA: The big news! and pretty much my only news!!!::: my belly popped. My app wasn’t wrong. Week 10 was going to be the week I started to show and although it waited until ALMOST week 11, it’s here!  I kept telling Andrew “it’s food.” He keeps responding with “ok” and an eye roll. I thought for sure it would be a little longer, but I’m pretty excited to look really ‘full.’

I sent a bump-date photo to my best friends and my sisters. Of course Brenda responds with “You ate carbs didn’t you?” Kit responded with “Gluten baby”
And that’s how I feel. Full and Bloated like I ate a lot of gluten.. which I have been so it could very well be a combo of both babes and fries.

Things I’ve noticed this week:

  • I’m hungry.
  • Still hungry.
    • But this week I’ve discovered that if I go more than 3 hours without food I start to get the symptoms of a migraine and if I don’t get food stat, I end up with one. It takes a lot of food to fix this issue. I know it’s coming on when I start to lose vision or I get blurry vision in my left eye.
      So now I know to run for food.

Andrew quit<—- andrews contribution

That’s a quick update! Aside from a bit of a belly- nothing new to report.  We are getting closer to the end of trimester UNO. HOLLLLER!

Week 10

Week 10

Little Nugget/Little Ovie is a strawberry

Well leading up to this point it’s been on again off again with nausea and exhaustion. I have been taking anti nausea meds so happiness as a human has finally taken affect.

Just a few days ago, we all experienced the solar eclipse. That was cool. I watched it on TV. I stayed inside and I waited to eat any food until it was over. Grandma and I feasted on pizza after her weekly doctors appointment and then we went back to my parents house where I proceeded to fall asleep almost immediately. I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I laid on the couch and I woke an hour later to Neenie chewing on a napkin she had pulled from the trash. I felt totally disoriented, light headed, exhausted, and hungry.

I have been so hungry. Poor Andrew he literally hears “I am so sick to my stomach.” Or “I’m starving” there’s no in between. I had low back pain from working out this past week, so yoga finally happened and sleeping on the floor was a welcomed change and much more frequent than it has ever been in my lifetime. I took my happy fetus and puppies down to my favorite Chiro to have my first adjustments done. I came home to crash for the rest of the day. Things are looking up.

Our AC went out this week, thankfully our landlord brought us a portable AC unit to attempt to keep our bedroom cool. I slept in front of it with the dogs almost every night.

  • Cravings this week:
    •Eggs and toast
    •Sushi. I want alllll of the sushi!- veggie rolls. I ate four for dinner to celebrate the 10th week of babes. Then the next day I went back for more.
    •Ginger. Thank you Kona grill for the copious amounts of ginger you supplied me with during our visit.
    •Coke Zero/ Diet Coke. Really only when I’m nauseated.
    •French Fries… yep even at 10:30 in the AM
    •Anything bla and high carb
    •Fruit- I bought a strawberry to take a photo with, but I ate it.
    •Spicy – I actually dig wasabi and I’m not typically fan.
    •Ham and cheese crossainwich – I haven’t given in to this craving. Yet.
    Moms old ham and cheese gringos- recipe that tastes like heaven. Don’t take offense to that. It’s what they are called., She promised she’d make it for me. Something with ham. Which is strange and new. I have been totally averted towards anything meat, until now.
    •Pita Pizza from Pita Jungle. It’s all I want in this very particular moment.

Things I can’t believe happened:
Babe wanted filibertos. And although I have never ever eaten here, he has been so accommodating of my cravings I happily agreed: “ok I’m sure I can make that work.”
We got there and I’m not sure if you have ever seen their menu before, But I was instantly nauseated with complete loss of apatite. I squeezed the bag to his burrito (not an innuendo) nice and tight and started my yogic breath until we made it home. Upon our arrival I proceeded to run inside to the pillow I shove in my gut in times of need and the blankets I had left on the floor. I passed out after a few minutes of misery. Waking up to a hunger headache and a belly ache, I drank a shake.

Day after: While I was driving, I had a flashback of the filberts menu and started gagging.
I’ve also gagged at lemon seeds in my lemons- if you know me::: this is my biggest pet peeve even when not pregnant.. I have just now added a level of ‘pathetic.’ It’s been particularly unproductive, While Andrew is busting his ass at work. I’m napping it out and counting down the hours until I can pick him up for dinner dates.

I workout… sort of.
•Sunday: lazy day spent with my best girlfriends and Starbucks.
Monday: cardio. 20 minutes on the stairs- terrible. Some weights. Minimal
•Tuesday: yoga
•Wednesday: chiropractor and a day long nap.
•Thursday: yoga (arrival of week 10)
•Friday: 20 minutes on the bike. 500 meter Row. Some body weight squats, some abdominal exercises. A lot of foam rolling.
•Saturday: Leg Day


My app says I can start buying maternity clothes. My best friend says I can wear lulu for more than likely all 3 trimesters. And nothing makes me believe I need to shop yet, except maybe the influence of my app giving me permission to and perhaps because I have outgrown my bras.

My boobs itch. So much. Keeping lotion and argon oil constantly applied has been a non negotiable. When they itch, I know they are growing and I have currently maxed out my 36D bras, but I have been working on this since week 6. This is worrisome to me. I mean I have a ways to go and I would be ok if they stayed right here without growing anymore.

That about sums it all up!

Happy 10 weeks! Xoxoxo