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lucky number 22- #MyNumber

  • It’s November 10, 1996. We live in Michigan so it’s snowing lightly, it’s a little bit above freezing so all of the snow on the roads has turned to thick slush. Im in 6th grade and i remember exactly what i was wearing. I had a purple shirt on with kokopellis dancing across the front of it with ‘Phoenix Arizona’ printed beneath it. I was wearing my bright pink and dark purple Columbia Winter jacket with jeans. It’s a Saturday and Mom and I are Driving home in her red station wagon, after running some errands. We were a mile away from home and as we approached the intersection of 4 Mile and Hammond Road, my mom exclaims very matter of factly : “here she comes!” The next thing i remember I was opening my eyes to see my mom covered in glass, bleeding from her face and hands. She was crying and shaking.
    I opened the door to people and cars and I just started yelling “someone help my mom! Someone please help my mom!” A sweet older man walked over and told me “it’s ok. You’re Mom is ok, we have an ambulance on the way. Don’t you worry.” I just started sobbing.

The opposing car had lost control in the slushy mess of a road and Mom had seen it coming. She had tried to turn toward the ditch so I wouldn’t get hit. It was a head on collision. We were hit so hard the hood was pushed through the windshield- remember I mentioned It was a station wagon so the hood was not short.

As they moved my mom and I each to a backboard, the same gentleman from earlier had crawled in to the ambulance with us to make sure we were ok on the way in. He was a volunteer firefighter off duty. He gave me a teddy bear to hold on to. I named the bear John, after him. He was so sweet. My mom on the other hand. I had to listen to her cry and moan at every bump.

I slept a lot. I sprained my wrist and had a couple of cuts on my hands and face from glass. Otherwise I was ok.
Mom had a collapsed lung, some broken ribs, and obvious bruising from the seatbelt. I didn’t want to see her in the hospital because the last I could remember she was covered in blood. My dad reassured me she was cleaned up and OK. But I didn’t listen. Instead i hurt her feelings crying and covering my face begging her to walk away.

Fast forward to November 10, 2001. One of my old friends was just an intersection away from where our accident took place when he was in a terrible accident of his own. He called our house phone (remember those?) to let us know and my dad and I ran down to the scene. There was literally nothing left of his moms van. The back tires were wrapped under the front of the van. If anyone had been in the van with him, they wouldn’t have made it.

November 10, 2005, my sister was rear-ended on the US 60 freeway here in AZ. She was ok. Thankfully.

Our Family always acknowledges this date because it was such a significant event for us. I will shoot a text or call Mom or vice versa just to remind her to be safe and to have a good day.

November 10, 2016. 20 years since our car accident. This year. This year was going to be different. Andrew. He and I had known each other for a few years through work. If he ever needed me it was a quick work related text. This time it was a conversation that started out work related but he hadn’t intended for it to be work. This conversation has continued since then. He started a conversation with me on this date. It was 4 days later we hung out for the first time ever outside of work. This was a year that was going to change everything.

November 10, 2017.

I, as always started my day with a text from Mom “do you know what today is? Be careful! Love you too!” I responded. I was laying in bed with my computer resting on my lap, and I, at 8:06AM, for the very first time, got to feel little Babe kick and move. It lasted a good 20-30 seconds. It was such a bizarre sensation I’m certain he made sure to move long enough so I could realize that it was actually him and not just a spasm in my abdomen. How amazing. Eeeeek! I tried calling Andrew right Away, but he didn’t pick up. I sent him a text. “I just felt him move!!!!” And he responded immediately with “oh shitttttt!!!”

Today, November 16, Babe got to feel littlest Babe move for the first time. At Club Tattoo none the less. ‘The Bump’ says little has formed a sleep pattern of 12-14 hours a day and that makes me nervous because around 6:30PM is when I started feeling him move. A lot. Now is not the time to wake up little man. Perhaps He enjoys rap, the buzz of a tattoo needle and the sensation of dads hand against my belly. Life is good.

I’d say Since my Andrew has shown up in my life, November 10 has been flipped from not awesome to extra awesome and I’m so grateful for everything he has brought to my life.
I love you baby.


I felt like I had some sort of flu bug where I was sick to my stomach so much so that work outs made me nauseas. So much so I was leaving mid class to find a toilet. That was disappointing. Everything fatigued me. I just wanted an oxygen tank and a stretcher.

Every meal made me sick to my stomach. Immediately. I was unsure if this was 3rd trimester symptoms kicking in early or if I was just sick. For the past two days I’ve been golden. So I call illness.

I’m bumping’ and that’s my bumpdate!
It can cool down bc I would be happy to wear some baggy sweaters! Please and thank you.

Cruise control into the 3rd trimester!


WEEK 21 Bumpdate Photos:

Here is my bump date from 21, but I kind of slid the two together in the update.  🙂 🙂 so here is my bump a week ago 🙂

Week 20::5 months!

20 weeks. 5 months.

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