Hello happy world! My name is Kiley Beal, I am an avid fitness freak. I have fallen in love with all things sweaty, yoga being my main obsession.  I love people, I love love, and I feel my best when I know I have made a positive impact on someone or something.

I have spent the last 10++ years of my life searching for what it is that works best for my body on a health, fitness and nutrition level.  Along the way I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, more commonly referred to as PCOS; a severe hormonal imbalance that affects pretty much everything in the body.  This only lead me to dig and discover more about me, my passions and my determination to learn more about what makes others tick as well.  This lead to my TRX Suspension Training Certification (2010), which allowed me to work with and connect with clients.  This only fueled my love for the fitness industry, which would lead to my Personal Training Certification (NASM, 2011), my Yoga Teacher Training (SWIHA, 2012),  the completion of my Nutrition Certification (NASM 2015) and my Reiki 1 and 2 Certifications (2015).

My ultimate goals and ideals and dreams:
I want to reach people I never thought I could.  To make a difference, to inspire if even just one person.  To spread yoga, health and fitness throughout and beyond the Phoenix area.  To create an empire based on love, light, laughter and acceptance of self.  When you are healthy, you have more time for everything else, and I would love nothing more than to help you find that.

Thank you for checking in, stay tuned as I lead you through my little journey; the ups the downs, the amazing, and not so great, fitness tips and healthy eating.  I tell it like it is,  I’m not great at sugar coating, but through my experiences I can only hope to share and inspire you along the way.  I encourage you to share your stories, any facts or theories you come across as well!  We are better and stronger together.

With MUCH gratitude!

*Sat Nam*


“Lean in to the simplicity, Stop chasing the the complexity.”