Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! Here is a quick way to get your blood moving and dust off the Monday Blues!

Enjoy <3

*If you have any injuries or medical conditions, Please Consult a physician before taking part in any physical activity.*


Warm it up:

1 Minute: Jumping Jacks
1 Minute: Body weight Squats


1 Minute drills OR 10, 15 or 20 repetitions per exercise (based on your level of physical activity):


Body weight Squats (For more intensity, add a hop)

Push Ups (For more, elevate your feet by placing your toes on the edge of a step, a curb, or chair.  For less, drop your knees to the floor,  or stand with hands against a wall, (wall push-ups)).  Keep core strong, shoulders are strong and sliding back away from your ears.  Keep gaze low and spine in a nuetral position.

plankbottom of push up

Mt. Climbers Begin in a plank position, keep your butt down as best you can as you bring one foot to touch the floor beneath your chest, then alternate, switch legs as quickly as you can.  Use your core and BREATHE! You’ve got this!(For less intensity, walk it out!)

High Knees (For less intensity step/walk- slow your pace.  For more intensity run it- keep your hands above hip height or at hip height and attempt to touch the palm of each hand with your knees as you bring them up.  THIS IS A CORE EXERCISE- so keep ’em strong and engaged!)

high knee starting position high knees

Plank (For more intensity lift one foot and then the other.  Or lift one arm and then the other.  For even MORE, Lift opposite hand/opposite foot and switch).  Forearms or hands, shoulders are pulling back, heels are reaching toward your mat or floor, quads are engaged and core is really strong.

top of push up3 legged plankREPEAT,

forearm plank

Have a great day!



Sweat Once a Day!

In honor of my 7th Anniversary, and my sisters 28th birthday, this is going to be a mini butt kicker for all of you! Please modify as needed.

*If you have any medical conditions, please consult a Dr. before performing any form of exercise. *

Complete 28 repititions of each of the following 7 exercises for a total of 2-3 rounds.  Or complete as many rounds as you can within 30 minutes. Go Team!

28 Reps:  Burpees: Begin in standing position, squat down, place hands on floor, hop or step your feet back in to a plank position, (option to add push up here), step or hop feet back to your hands (squat position), come to standing or hop up to standing.  Repeat.
28 Reps: Body Builders:  Plank position (forearms or hands), legs begin hip width distance apart. Hop the feet wide and then hop feet back together as if to perform a jumping jack in a prone position.  Allow for your core to stabilize you.  (If this is too much; Modification: step the feet apart and back together, eliminating the hop).
28 Reps: Squat Jumps (Modification: regular body weight squats, eliminating the jump):  Keep your knees in line with your ankles.  Sink your booty back, weight in to your heels.  Core is engaged, heart is somewhat elevated. As you come to the top of your squat add the hop, land with soft knees.
28: Full Sit Ups: (Modification- crunches):
Keep your gaze high, if hands are behind your head, only use them to rest your head.  Do not use them to help you lift, we are not trying to strain your neck.  Allow your core to do the work here in either variation.
28: Step Ups (14 each Leg):  Using a chair, Crate, box jump or stair; alternate leading foot to step up with.
28: Push-Ups: (Modification- knees to the floor): keep hips lifted.  If you feel too much pressure in your low back, drop to your knees.
28: Lunges (14 each leg):  Step one foot forward, keeping the knee directly above ankle.  Lowering only as deep as your body will allow.

Happy Sweating!