juiceIf you have followed my blog prior to me switching over to my new site, you know of my pure love (or love-hate) relationship with juicing.  Though, I am not exactly sure why I love it so much, since the first time I attempted a 2 week-long juice cleanse, I was rewarded with a nut allergy. HA!

What I did LOVE about my very first cleanse was how it made me feel.  I felt healthier, I had more energy, but 14 days was far too long for my body.  I jumped in to this particular cleanse head first with very little to no research at all.  My knowledge on juicing was lacking greatly, but I decided to give it a go anyhow.

What I know now:

Contraindications:  Juice Cleanse/Detox/fasts are not recommended for anyone who is:

-If battling (aggressive) cancer
-Anyone Under the age of 18
-Anyone suffering from an eating disorder

**PLEASE consult a Dr. before attempting any cleanse if you have any medical predispositions or are unsure if it is the right thing for you.**

I of course, am both pre-diabetic as well as hypoglycemic.  Had I have known the contraindications prior to my first cleanse, I would have been a little easier on myself.  I was blacking out a lot during the last week.  (Really great, huh? I’m really selling this juicing stuff! haha!)  I did finally allow myself to snack on goji berries and pumpkin seeds.  Now that I have completed many mini juice fasts, I am much more aware of my body and what it requires.  This means if I need food, I am going to eat it. Thumbs up. 🙂

Goji Berries: My favorite super-food: This red dried fruit is grown in Asia.  It is packed full of nutrients and antioxidants.  It is also known in eastern medicine as a “blood builder.”

Pumpkin Seeds: Referred to as the healthiest food, another favorite super-food of mine.  These little seeds are full of zinc, protein, magnesium, you name it, they’ve got it.  

Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/13-health-benefits-of-pumpkin-seeds.html#ixzz2ykYSfoZy

With the addition of both, the dizzy spells and fatigue subsided and I received the energy I needed to finish off the 14 days.

***PLEASE NOTE: Modifications can and should be made if you do experience anything similar.  Consider any of the following: Raw foods, smoothies, nuts or seeds, but Keep it light.  Vegetable broth is also OK to include.

Normal side effects may include:

Nausea, dizziness, flu like symptoms, headache, fatigue, achy joints and runny nose.. Do not be alarmed, this is your body detoxifying and ridding of the toxins etc.

skinny funnyPreparation and easing out:

To alleviate these it is recommended to prepare your body for the cleanse a week or so ahead of time.  Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water before, during and after.  Once the cleanse/fast/detox is over, make sure you ease back in to a normal diet.  (Ex. perhaps eating vegan or vegetarian the week leading up to the cleanse and a couple of days following the cleanse.  Jumping in to heavy food immediately following a juice fast may force you in to the fetal position, bed, or on to the toilet.) These are just a few things to think about.  I will go in to more on that in a later post.

Length of juice cleanse:

Fasts can last anywhere from 3- 60 days (90 is pretty extreme, but can definitely be done; please be sure to consult a physician before embarking on any cleanse, especially if you are considering the lengthier cleanse.

Other options:

-Once a week

-Just on the weekends for an extended period of time. Etc.


So I’m focusing on juicing in this post, NOT blending.  You have probably heard of the Vitamix or the Ninja, both are great, but neither are juicers.  By blending your fruits and veggies you are liquefying to a degree, but the fiber of the produce is left for the body to still breakdown and digest, while juicing extracts the fiber, leaving only nutrients for the body to absorb.  This takes little energy for your body to consume; in fact the body is able to absorb the nutrients in to the blood stream quickly.

Benefits of a juice cleanse or fast:

It’s an excellent way to lose weight and cleanse the body of toxins. You will lose approximately 1 pound a day, maybe even more.  More importantly, it has the ability to make you feel lighter, happier, healthier and more focused by allowing your digestive tract a break and thus heal from the inside out.

The greatest piece of a juice cleanse is that it is only temporary and it is a great way to jump-start a healthy lifestyle and weight loss.

I have completed a few 3-day juice fasts since my 2 week endeavor, and I plan to complete another one this coming week.  3 days is the perfect balance for me based on my medical history.  My body is able to tolerate 3-days really well.

on the insideI do highly recommend consulting a physician before committing to any sort of cleanse (not just juice fasts).  Researching the options of a juice cleanse and length of time is crucial in deciding what will work best for you and your body.  Listening to your body during a cleanse of any kind is exceptionally important.  General guidelines are always just guidelines, nothing more, you know your body more than anyone else, listen.


I currently follow a vegetarian diet. Processed sugars are extremely limited, I rarely ever drink alcohol, and my diet is completely gluten free.  Yet, my body still requires a break every few months.

The best part is that my husband is usually always-on board and willing to join me on these little adventures.  I love having his support through all of my crazy endeavors.


So with this…

A juice recipe!!


2 apples ( I used macintosh)

1 orange

1/2 cucumber

4 small carrots

5 stalks of Kale

Stick with organic fruits and veggies and drink plenty of water to help with the detoxification process.  You can always play with the recipes,  get creative and have fun with it!  It’s your body and your taste buds, Make ’em happy!

-The faster you drink your juice the better.  Time is a tickin’! The densities of the nutrients dissipate quickly, so it is important to get it in to your system as soon as it’s juiced.

If you have any questions regarding juicing or interested in learning more about it, or regarding the difference between juicing and blending, please feel free to comment, or email me!  I’d love to hear about your experiences with juicing as well!  Share away!  

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! Here is a quick way to get your blood moving and dust off the Monday Blues!

Enjoy <3

*If you have any injuries or medical conditions, Please Consult a physician before taking part in any physical activity.*


Warm it up:

1 Minute: Jumping Jacks
1 Minute: Body weight Squats


1 Minute drills OR 10, 15 or 20 repetitions per exercise (based on your level of physical activity):


Body weight Squats (For more intensity, add a hop)

Push Ups (For more, elevate your feet by placing your toes on the edge of a step, a curb, or chair.  For less, drop your knees to the floor,  or stand with hands against a wall, (wall push-ups)).  Keep core strong, shoulders are strong and sliding back away from your ears.  Keep gaze low and spine in a nuetral position.

plankbottom of push up

Mt. Climbers Begin in a plank position, keep your butt down as best you can as you bring one foot to touch the floor beneath your chest, then alternate, switch legs as quickly as you can.  Use your core and BREATHE! You’ve got this!(For less intensity, walk it out!)

High Knees (For less intensity step/walk- slow your pace.  For more intensity run it- keep your hands above hip height or at hip height and attempt to touch the palm of each hand with your knees as you bring them up.  THIS IS A CORE EXERCISE- so keep ’em strong and engaged!)

high knee starting position high knees

Plank (For more intensity lift one foot and then the other.  Or lift one arm and then the other.  For even MORE, Lift opposite hand/opposite foot and switch).  Forearms or hands, shoulders are pulling back, heels are reaching toward your mat or floor, quads are engaged and core is really strong.

top of push up3 legged plankREPEAT,

forearm plank

Have a great day!


It’s new, Like the sun.


It’s about acceptance. Accepting yourself, accepting others, loving yourself and loving those around you beyond societal standards. Fitness is more than a physical practice, it is an evolution of self, emotional, mind, body connection that occurs when you give your body the tools it needs to live on such a level.

When we reach beyond the expectations society has created, we learn to live and love the life we create for who we are as individuals. Not just physically but more importantly, emotionally.

Getting tangled in the web of comparisons, we end up destroying ourselves on a deeper level, creating hurdles that weren’t initially there, which have been built with our own consent. Thus preventing ourselves from becoming our best selves, reaching our greatest potential without distraction. The problem is, is when we compare ourselves to others, we forget that they are more then likely doing the same, and not necessarily in a negative way, but perhaps they look up to you or have found inspiration through you, or aspire to do even a fraction of the things you have through your own journey.

So knock it off, LOVE yourself, be proud and live and BE yourself. Let the ‘titles’ and the labels fall away. For those are just additional, and unnecessary boundaries we are creating for ourselves, which will eventually need to be climbed over, hopped over, broken down to move and grow beyond.

These limits which we have set for ourselves, both intentionally and unintentionally, are only that… limits. So with love, and practice, we learn to get out of our own way. Live beyond your wildest dreams. Do something huge, something you have always wanted to, taking fear with you, but only allowing it to be the necessary grounding throughout the process. Nothing is too big. So quit building obstacles. Trust yourself. Be Yourself. Do something for yourself that is beyond the box you have created and are currently living within.

Stop thinking about it. Just do it.

Yoga has brought me to this place in my life where I have met people, interacted with people, both old and new, who have reintroduced the idea of letting me be me, and accepting all that that entails, both the good and the bad, without judgement.

Yoga has become my primary love affair, and to express and share all that it has brought to my life with others is a relatively new obsession. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) in 2010, it has brought many challenges to my life as both a fitness instructor and just on a daily basis through my regular life. However It is through THOSE challenges, which have led me to be better than I thought I could be. OK I’m only human. I have a lot of slip ups, I have a temper and there are times where I want to just sleep and sulk. But then I get up, dust it off and be better than yesterday, try to be or do something I haven’t done before. Life is like yoga, it is practice. Every day is an opportunity to be better, to do better, to inspire, to grow.
My goal is to spread it like wildfire and for it to do just that- for it to grow beyond us as just individuals, but to create a sense of community and ‘togetherness’ but taking the individuals and becoming one. “The whole is greater, than the sum of it’s parts.”- Aristotle.

‘Yoga is for every. body.’- Laura.
“Yoga will get you, to where you need to be got.” – Stuart

Yoga is love. Make it happen.

Just think how amazing the world would be if we all lived with the intention of being our best selves and treating everyone else just as such.

Hello world!


Hello! And welcome! I am SO excited to finally have my website up and running.  I will be blogging about me, my passions, and my short comings (cough cough-cooking).  Thank you for following! I am so appreciative of every single one of you!

New Blog Posts to follow! Stay tuned! Big Big love