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My Best friend, Brenda and I at the most beautiful wedding last weekend. June 21, 2014

My Best friend, Brenda and I at the most beautiful wedding last weekend. June 21, 2014

I love to Travel. And I love to sweat, so when I’m able to combine the two I’m exceptionally happy.

Travel: It’s my first love, I wanted to be a travel agent more than anything growing up and would eventually graduate with a degree in hotel and restaurant management. Life is not worth living if you aren’t able to get out in to the world and open your eyes to new experiences, step out of your comfort zone where you are able to try new things, eat different foods, and meet new people. Your perspective changes tremendously with travel. It provides personal growth and when you are as lucky as I am, where I have friends everywhere, a husband who shares the same passion for both travel and food, I am able to grow existing relationships as well as plant new ones.

Sweat: If I don’t have the opportunity to work out once a day, or at the very least, every other, I get a little grumpy, this is especially true when I’m away from home. It’s SO important to me to get up and get moving before the day begins. My body functions completely differently when I’m able to get the endorphins pumping first thing. When I’m able to add the extra ‘happy dose’ to my current state of “I’m on vacation happy,” based on the fact that I’m on vacation, my happiness level tilts into overdrive. It makes the rest of my day enjoyable.

Endorphins: When you exercise (any form) your body releases a chemical called endorphins. They interact with receptors in your brain, which in turn reduce your perception of pain. They produce a positive feeling. It is at fault for creating the ‘runners’ high,’ post run, or work out feeling. In addition they act as sedatives. Endorphins are the all natural anti depressants which YOUR body can produce and provide for itself, no prescription necessary.

Vacation is great, but like most people, it’s hard to stick to a normal diet when we are away from the comforts of our own home. Sluggish is the word that comes to mind when I attempt to describe a day without exercise, but add that to a poor diet and you’ve got a recipe for a cup of fatigue an oz. of sleepy, maybe even a pinch of grumpy.

SOOOO you better believe, everywhere I go, I make sure I’m able to work out at least HALF of the time I’m away. At the VERY least.

This past weekend we enjoyed our friends in the beautifully humid St. Augustine, Florida. It was so beautiful down there and because my sister and I grew up spending our spring breaks with our best friend and sister from another mister down south, it was rather nostalgic.

This trip we chose to split our stay between a B&B (Bed & Breakfast) and a hotel with our B&B (Brenda and Brian). It’s always interesting planning my workouts because I have to improvise when it comes to A. Climate differences and B. environment.

Tips to sweat during your trip:

Everywhere I go I pack enough workout clothes to wear every other day and I always, always pack my tennis shoes.

-If you are staying in a hotel, check and see if they offer a fitness center or if your hotel will be in an area where you can get outside and sweat while enjoying the fresh air.
-Check the weather and pack workout attire accordingly.

For this particular trip I over packed, mostly because I knew the humidity would prevent me from being able to re-wear anything I’ve sweat in, even if just a little bit.

What’s in my suitcase?

– 2 lululemon cool razor tank tops. These are near favorite tank tops of mine and they are moisture wicking to boot.

-1 swiftly cool razor tank: This is so great, especially for the humidity. It’s breathable, moisture wicking, and is lined with silverescent, which prevents the material from growing the nasty bacteria, which would cause your clothes to eventually stink. This was a MUST for this trip.

-1 pair of Run Inspire II, Run Crops. These are hands down my favorite running crops and I literally wear them for every single run I ever participate in, it doesn’t matter the temperature. I love them!

-1 Pair of (Run) Speed Shorts: These are super breathable, moisture wicking and they fit great. I don’t love running in shorts, but I have also used them for to and from the beach as well. These are great, especially for the weather here in the dirty south.

-Brooks Ghost Running Shoes: I haven’t had to trade out my Brooks Running Shoes in MONTHS, and they are still holding strong. Running shoes can be expensive, they are definitely an investment, but it’s important to protect your feet and your joints. If your feet aren’t taken care of, the rest of your body is screwed from the ground up. Invest in yourself!

Sweat Once A day:

Our first morning we woke up in our quaint B&B, and I knew I was going to need to get up and run first thing in the morning if I wanted to do it at all. Because we weren’t at a hotel, I knew a fitness center wasn’t an option. I asked the sweet owner of our B&B if it was safe to run through the neighborhood, receiving a very confident “yes.” I went on my way. I just ran until I found myself at a busy street. Running is free, so always take advantage if you can. If you are looking for the best bang for your buck, choose running or walking. I wound up at the Alligator farm and decided it was time to turn back around and head home. HAHA! Oh Florida, how I love thee.

Blog- Sweat Jog1 Blog- Sweat Jog 2


My sweet husband woke up with me and hit the gym after our 3AM late night the night before. We wondered down to the first level fitness center and were surprised to find a very small room consisting of 2 tread mills, an elliptical, an exercise ball and some light medicine balls. OK although this seems like a rather limited amount of options, it had blown up my initial options, which included all of, well. Me.

Although I went in with the intent of lifting weights, my plans had to be slightly altered.

Here was my workout on this sweaty Sunday:

**If you own a TRX Suspension Training System, you can do this full workout in place of the exercise ball.***

30 Reps/ 3 Sets: Body weight squats WITH the exercise ball. Of course this can be done without an exercise ball, but it helps with correct form and it allows you to get even deeper in to your squat.
For a variation you can add a medicine ball or weight plate If available to you.

Blog-Sweat Squat 1 Blog- Sweat Squat 2

20 Reps/ 3 Sets: Regular Body Weight Squats with a medicine ball. Beginning with arms overhead holding the medicine ball. Squat (keeping your knees aligned over your ankles) tap the medicine ball to your mat or the floor. Repeat.

20 Reps (10 Each Side)/ 2 Sets: Side Lunges, Start with feet together, holding medicine ball in hand. Step out to your right side, bend in to your right knee, and straighten your left leg. Sink your butt back as far as possible keeping the alignment of knee over ankle. Tap medicine ball to your mat or to the floor, Step back to center, repeat on the other side.

10-15 Reps/ 2-3 Sets: Pike with the exercise ball: Begin in plank position, quadriceps resting on the ball, hands on your mat. Use your core to pull your hips to the sky until your ankles or toes are pressing against the ball. Roll back in to your plank. Repeat.

30 Reps/ 3 Sets: Decline Push-Ups with Exercise Ball: You can choose your level of comfort. The easiest spot will be resting your hips and quads on the ball, hands on your mat. Proceed with push-ups. To make this more difficult roll the ball toward your feet until you feel you will be challenged sufficiently. Proceed with your push-ups.Blog- Sweat Plank2 Blog-Sweat Push up

20 Reps/3 Sets: Knees to Chest/ Abdominal workout. Again begin with your hands planted on your mat, your quads are resting on the exercise ball. Roll your knees in to your chest, the ball will end up beneath your shins, roll back to starting position. Begin again.

Blog- Sweat plank Blog- sweat Knee to chest

15-20 Reps/ 2 Sets: Jump Squats: Adding plyo to your workout will not only increase your heart rate, but plyometric exercises are great for bone density as well. These kick my butt, and I believe they have the ability to kick yours too. ☺!

20 (10 Each Side) Reps/ 2 -3 Sets: Reverse Lunges: Stand feet together, step back with the right foot in to a deep lunge, step forward in to starting position. Repeat other side. For more, add a medicine ball or weight plate if available.


Thank you husband, for taking all of these photos. I know it was a lot of work for you, but know that I do appreciate it. “Picture.”

Thank you for reading and supporting. All of my love!
You can find my beginning blogs here:

Check in on my facebook page too, beginning July 1st, I will be posting a daily ab workout throughout the entire month.

Have a wonderful day, with Gratitude ☺

#thenudels The happiest couple.  We just love them, Congratulations Rachel and Marc!  And thank you for giving us such an amazing reason to travel to such a beautiful place. <3 Love you both.

#thenudels The happiest couple. We just love them, Congratulations Rachel and Marc! And thank you for giving us such an amazing reason to travel to such a beautiful place.

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