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I cannot believe it’s October 31.  Just like every year on this date the weather finally broke and fall has arrived.

If I told you everything I have been up to, I would be beginning this entry with “Chapter 15 of 80.”  My girlfriend Sam said to me yesterday; “I feel like I miss 10 chapters of your life when I’m away from you for a single day.”  Accurate, as do I.  So much so I wish I had time to journal on the daily just to remember this time in my life.

This past week my family suffered a tragic loss of my cousins baby girl.  It was truly a tragedy.  The story was all over the news.  It was a straight up nightmare and after the funeral and memorial service was all said and done, we spent the rest of the day together.  I think it’s what we all really needed.. and on top of that I ate a box of cookies, a bag of white chocolate covered pretzels and a giantttt cupcake.  My body is so angry.  But everything in me was sad, so it didn’t matter.  It still doesn’t matter.  Just eating my emotions like a rational human.

I have been so busy I haven’t actually spent much time at home.  My room is trashed, I’ve been between houses because I have been house sitting.  My weekends disappear in to the weeks which just happen to be there to bookend them.  My mind is chaos and it’s somewhat miraculous that I’m able to keep my days straight.  Although I do walk in to my lifetime class thinking it’s the wrong day since it’s my very first class of every week and my very last.  Either way.

I spend my time working, some of it with friends and the rest of it I try to sleep.  I’m trying so hard to go with the flow and be everywhere at once, but when I get to this point, I end up falling off a cliff and landing back in hibernation… so it should be interesting with the weather change.  With the change in season, I feel a lot of change coming and to be honest I just cannot wait for this election to be here and gone.  The energy it’s creating is chaotic and it’s really messing with my qi 😉 .  However.  With the change in weather, I have accumulated a lot of new boots that are begging to be warn, so I can’t hibernate ALL winter long.

This year, the year of 2016 has continued to subtly and not so subtly try my patience.  I know it’s all for learning and I realize my life up until this year has been relatively smooth sailing, but this has been OUT OF CONTROL.  I HEAR YOU GOD-THROW ME A FRICKEN BONE HERE!

This weekend should give me a lot to write about.  So stay tuned.  I plan on being an entirely different human on the other side of it.


and dot dot dot.

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