Life and things and Keto and Such and Such


Oh man! I have a million things happening in life. I can’t say that any are negative, there has just been a lot going on.
I went on a hiatus from people. I’m still trying to figure out my balance. I appreciate everyone’s love, I just on occasion feel overwhelmed. So I ebb and flow with dinners and lunch dates. I love every single one of you, so don’t get it twisted. I’m just tired. Haha!
Today my divorce is officially final, so that’s awesome. Big things have happened in that area too.  We got along better than anyone could have asked, but with that being said we have both graciously moved forward and with that space there has been room for great love.  Relationship wise- I am so full and in love with love.  I couldn’t really be any happier in this moment. I could have more sleep, but that’s on me.
In addition to that I switched some stuff up as far as my diet is concerned. I started this 3 weeks ago today.

Diet meaning lifestyle. Low carb, high fat (super high fat) and moderate carbs. It’s the Ketogenic diet. I have to say, this diet has made me realize … paleo would probably be the better option for me, HA! I love chicken and eggs, probably two of my (oddly-I know) favorite foods, but otherwise, this seems to be working out great for now. I just have a little too much protein in my diet. I have cut all processed carbohydrates, all processed sugars (this is hard, I mean… Don’t act like you don’t know how much I love cookie dough in the raw… ) and have increased my fat intake like whoa.
I wish I could post my ab progression pics, but I wasn’t taking photos to share publicly, so I’m naked in all of them and that would be highly inappropriate to share on social media and in blog posts. So I take them for me,  Kylie gets them on occasion because that’s what best friends are for, right? Her response is usually “Thank you for the porn.” Haha! So I laugh a lot. Anyway.
For more information on the keto diet, check this out:
It’s really awesome, I highly recommend it, especially if you have PCOS, if you are pre-diabetic or diabetic, but know that this, along with other dieting habits, it is mind over matter.  You have to want to make the choice.  Keto is much more than that though, you have to really commit or it simply won’t work.  Again check out the link above for more specifics.^^ The absence of processed carbs and sugars allows for hormone stabilization because your body is not releasing the insulin required to break it all down into glucose. Think about it, when man first walked the earth, no one was eating donuts and cookie dough (insert confused emoji here.) This diet is really just taking it back to basics. Our body survived off of fats and proteins, that’s all it needs. So the natural carbohydrates, which come from our veggies, dairy and meat sources, suffice.
Initially, I never weighed myself, I didn’t take any measurements, I snapped a few photos and I have kept that up weekly, But that’s about all. I know my body functions so much better without processed foods, so I am on this particular diet strictly for the health and happiness of it, not for weight loss, or for fitness goals, or any set goals for that matter. I chose to do it because I knew it was time for a change, and I knew it would work for me. ANd here I am.
So with that quick update, I’ll let you know how much longer I’m on the keto diet before I decide to make the switch to paleo. HAHA! I think it’s a funny joke because I’m doing SO amazingly well at eating copious amounts of protein.
More to come soon! More travel, more fun, more life. I love it all. I really do, and in the midst of the chaos and exhaustion there is always room for gratitude. Thank you for holding space for me, for supporting me and for being there for me through it all. You know who you are, you have all been incredibly generous and I am grateful.
Happy Day!

happiness 3This is how Life has been treating me recently.  I am just really, really full of love, lightness and happy.  <3



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