Maintaining my weight south of the equator..


This was the most incredible trip I’ve ever been on.  I can’t even describe my love for these countries.  Maybe that’s why My body adapted so well.

But I changed a few things up in my workout routine while I was on this trip.  So here we go: how I didn’t get fat.  Is that PC?

I have this unhealthy fear of losing all hard work and effort I have put in to myself while on vacation. It usually happens because as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, those of us with PCOS are blessed w a body that loses muscle faster than those living life  without it.

I’m living proof.  Here’s what I did differently this trip.

I usually, when on vacation, focus solely on cardio, A lot of cardio, because it’s free.  Take for example, Ireland.  Last fall my best friend, my best brother in law (her husband), my husband and I flew to Amsterdam and Ireland, loved both countries and ran our little hearts out while we were there.  We trained and ended that trip with a half marathon. It was beautiful.   I lost weight on that trip, Cool, But I also lost muscle mass.

On this incredible trip to Australia and New Zealand; I was sick week one. So all I did was try to survive.  Working out was not going to happen anyway, and I knew better.
Week 2 I was held hostage on a cruise ship for 7 nights and 7 full days.  I hated that, so don’t invite me on a cruise. But on that 20 year old ship was an equally as old fitness room.
It had weights and crappy cardio equipment and I have a stress fracture so the only cardio I was doing was on a Crappy bike, and for you cruisers + fitness freaks.. You know any cardio on a rough sea is a terrible idea. So I limited cardio to 15-25 minutes a day. That’s it. I shifted my focus to weight training. By weight training I mean free weights.  Screw the weight machines. I wasn’t about to attempt any of the older equipment that squeaked every time it moved.

I did more weighted squats this trip, but let me tell you. My butt loved it.  Lunges were out of the question because even with well practiced balance. I was not willing to blow out a knee because I wanted to work my legs at different times Just to hit a wave and fall over. — so I tested this theory.. And I stopped lunging from then on.  I took a 65 pound dumbbell and used it for sumo squats, regular squats and in between sets I grabbed 20-35 lb Dumbbells and did 12-15 reps of bicep curls, triceps presses, flys, reverse flys, rows and weighted ab exercises this all sounds like a duh. But usually I only have access to my body weight when on vacation and that just doesn’t work for me.

So I worked on my abs and lifted as heavily as I could from anywhere around 30-45 minutes a day for 6 of those 7 days.

And it worked like a charm.  Don’t lift 8 lb Dumbbells,  lift 12-15 pounds. Less reps and work up.

This saved me. And then I came home and tried to recover.  And I have worked out a total of 3 times in a full week.  I can’t seem to pull it together, but my body is trying really hard to help me hang in there.  I am more impressed and surprised by the break in postpartum, post vacay weight gain that I have had from this trip. Great Job body, I’m sure it’s only because you’re as confused as I feel.  Maybe that’s the secret.

In one week I have experienced vertigo, infection, nausea, headaches, blurred vision, not enough sleep because the time difference is so insane it’s not even worth discussing. Here’s a clue: I’m writing this at 3:45AM if that gives you any idea.  My period is 3 days off, (don’t worry/ it showed up. I’m not pregnant. But if I were! It would be the sexiest baby of all, because it’s father would have to be from New Zealand.  Chill out, you now know too much.) I can only imagine the affect on the rest of my body this trip has had if all of that is this jacked.

In addition to weight training, I also ate everything and anything I wanted, including: 2-3 sour dough balls a night.  (Fun fact: if you are diabetic, sourdough bread does not spike your blood sugar like other breads-so eat this.) sometimes 2 entrees for dinner, most nights 3 desserts.  Don’t judge me.  Go big or go home.

My spending was out of control because everything is a billion dollars. AND!!! our dollar is stronger! .. (doesn’t freaking matter when a burger is literally $25AUS).

Anyway. THIS was by far the best trip, the water was the bluest of blue, the people were shaken out of a model magazine and the food was brilliant.  I can’t wait to move there.  They love animals and they too think Trump as President is the biggest joke known to man.

So while I sit here watching the room spin, why does anyone drink? This is why I don’t drink and I’m still experiencing it.

Anyway. I’m rambling Bc I’m tired and drunk.

But here is a workout routine and my digestive help routine:::

Cardio:  I rode the bike for 15-25 minutes

I attempted walking up a hill on a treadmill, but the waves forced me to lose balance and nearly fall.

either way!

15 Sumo Squats with 65 pound dumbbell (this was the heaviest they offered).  Feet are wider than hip width distance a part, toes pointed outward, heels in, hold dumbbell from the top of it squat keeping your knees tracking over your ankels, chest held high.

12-15 Bicep Curls:  I used a 20 pound dumbbell for 15 reps, 25 pounds for 10-12 reps.

Tricep Press:  I took a 35 pound dumbbell, laying on my back on a bench keeping elbows stationary dropping weight behind my head towards floor, pressing it back toward the sky.

Repeat these three exercises for 3 sets.


15 Regular weighted squats (keeping feet hip width distance, feet parallel) holding 65 pound dumbbell.

12-15 rows:  Using a 35 pound weight, one knee on the bench, coordinating hand holds top of bench.  pull weight up, keeping core strong, squeeze shoulder blades together as you row.

40 Mason Twists: there are a billion names for this particular exercise:  Balancing on the floor or end of bench, feet stay lifted (modification, heels rest lightly on the floor) holding one dumbbell at your chest, rotate your torso to the right elbow reaches toward the floor, repeat other side.

Repeat these for three sets.

Simple, short and sweet and you’ve all seen them before, but this is what I did.  I liked it.

Other super secret winners:

I use digestive enzymes.  In particular I use Terazymes from doterra.  They have literally saved me. I eat two with every meal.

Digest-zen essential oils,  I put 3-5 drops on my belly every night and rub it in clockwise.  I do this on vacay and at home.


then I ate a lot.


Thank you for reading and for your support and for allowing me to blab your ear off.  I appreciate you all more than you will ever know.  Put Australia and New Zealand at the top of your bucket list.  I can’t wait to move here 🙂

imageLake Tekapo- crappy pic only Bc u can’t see the blue in the lake—see below 😍imageimage

Auntie and I:: dreams do come true. Sydney Opera House, dinner cruise through Sydney and Darling HArborimage

Bondi Beach and Icebergs Beach Club. This has been on my own bucket list since forever so my giddiness exceeded that of a 7 year old going to Disney.

imageCairnes, Queensland Australia.  The Oldest Rainforest.  Beauty. imageimageSelfie in the tiniest room of ever. #cruiseimage

Akoroa, NZ.  On our Hector Dolphin Cruise. I focused on the beauty of this water, George and Hector in hopes of not vomiting.


Sydney, AUS Darling Harbor=happy placeimage

Still at port in Brisbane.  Get on board. Hit buffet. Take selfie. Move in to smallest room you can for a week. Love.  Cousin love ❤️

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