Week 12

This has been the week I have been looking forward to!

Nausea hasn’t gone away. Headaches are more frequent. But the reality is, I think it could be worse.

Literally the day I could say I was 12 weeks along, my sweet sweet lovey long friend, Renee offered me the best 2 hour massage. My neck and back have been bothering me, and I needed her more than she knows. (Love. Thank you!)

Along with week twelve came headaches. A lot of them. Like food didn’t fix it.. and with that came this constant urge to just up and vomit. It was just chillin’ at the base of my throat. I kept it in.. but it was like..just waittttt for it… at any moment…. It might be the tale of projectile vomiting near the free weights.

I can definitely see more of a bump. I just look like I’ve been eating too much. Which I *SURPRISINGLY* haven’t been. My very first Dr. Appointment at 5 weeks, I was weighing in at 141, I was barely eating because I was so sick to my stomach. This week I weighed in at 144 and I am eating a lot more. This week we also got to hear babes heartbeat for the very first time. These little milestones are big milestones being that:

A. Its still such a good story to tell, it just feels like a story.
B. It wasn’t ever supposed to happen, so I’m still in awe and these little things really make everything feel so much bigger, so real! I really really really can not seem to wrap my head around it.. My heart is there, but my head is in the clouds.

We spent last week in my hometown. I got to take Andrew to see it in all of it’s glory. We had perfect weather, great food and of course all the time with my sister. I was so happy. We worked out a total of 3 times during our quick visit. I’m struggling to make a push through any of these workouts so as much as I usually sweat, I have not been able to get myself to break a sweat unless I’m doing some form of cardio.. which I have an aversion to … must be because I’m pregnant ;P

This next week we meet with our specialist, I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS APPOINTMENT! We will receive a 3D/4D ultrasound which should also give us a very clear answer as to what baby’s gender is.

Will little be a BOY or a GIRL? Cupcakes and Studmuffins. I’m so excited!

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