Studmuffin or Cupcake? Gender Reveal:: Week 13


Dear Happiest Week 13!

I hit week 12, 1 day and just like everyone said; my nausea vanished. It turned in to crazy headaches, but I’m happy to trade. Naps are non negotiable, but HOORAY FOR FEELING HUMAN!

This week we met with my specialist, Dr. Russel with maternal fetal medicine. She was really wonderful. We had our second ultrasound done where we got to see babe looking more like, well, a babe. An actual tiny human. Baby is just 3 inches long and about .80 ounces, or at least thats what we were measuring, which is about a week later than where we where we are on the calendar.

Although our ultrasound tech thought we would be able to see the sex even at 12.5 weeks due to the fact she was giving us a 4D ultrasound, she unfortunately, -because babe was hanging from the ceiling of my uterus just chilling, (Acroyogi) With it’s legs crossed,-  was unable to see what he/she might be.
After a few attempts she asked me to stand up stretch and jump around a little bit to see if we could make baby move some for different photo ops, then she left the room.  Andrew, up until this appointment, had kept his prediction on the down low. As soon as we sat down in the ultrasound room, he told me exactly what he thought and he followed it with a “100%!” He was so sure. Upon her return she let us know the girls had received our progenity Genetics test results, which also contained babes gender. IN addition to that, she let us know that she saw the results and as much as she wanted to correct me every time I used he or she, she wouldn’t, and I was left hoping she would slip up.

After the LONGEST ultrasound bout ever with some luck, enough luck, we met with Dr. Russel. We discussed the pregnancy plan as well as delivery. she shared that all genetic testing came back negative and the ultrasounds looked wonderful. She then asked if we wanted to know the gender and of course we both responded with an anxious “YES!” And as calm as she could she let us know “OK, well Baby is a male.”
A healthy baby boy! It gives me chills just thinking about it.  WHY AREN”T YOU MORE EXCITED, DOC!?! hahaha I had to keep it together.

I’m sad we didn’t take a video of little man, because he was already moving so much. He started off with squats, or maybe dancing, maybe his kidneys were already functioning, who knows? Then he stretched out, legs fully extended only after I had stretched out to get him to move. He started sliding back and forth like a bear itching it’s back on a tree. The amount of movement this little sea monkey was making made it impossible for me to understand why I haven’t been able to feel him yet. I am crazy about him already. Really.

I spent the afternoon baking cakes with one of my best girlfriends to reveal what babe was going to be just to surprise our parents. I couldn’t wait. It was extra exciting because everyone thought it was going to be a girl, I think everyone was hoping for a girl. But after all Andrew and I couldn’t decide on a girls name anyway, so it was probably for the best we’ll be dressing a little in bow ties and suspenders VS Tutus. This round anyway.

It’s just so funny how life happens. How life grows within another. We have zero control over what we end up carrying.  I am so grateful to be where I am to be with who I am, to be mom to this little being. And I’m loving that he is letting me get to the gym again and eat. Cravings have subsided, but I’m just not as hungry as I should be. 2nd trimester means upping caloric intake approximately 350 or so calories. That has been a fail but!

This week I got to workout a solid 4 times.
Two days I was out with a headache.
Two Days I spent in my first spin classes since, somewhere prior to pregnancy and
Two days I got to sweat with my Andrew at the gym. Like I actually had some sweaty workouts. YAY! I’m so grateful to be feeling normal again.

I just feel like I’ve got it all.

Andrew is awesome <— his contribution

~Nothing specific, I feel normal, but still not in need of sugar.
~I’m able to eat chicken again, I suppose that has been my latest craving, chicken, I also think thats when the nausea started to subside, when I added animal protein back in to my diet. (Often I think of the documentary ‘What the Health,’ and I want to instantly throw up, but I feel confident I need it at the moment.)
~The best part is that I”m not grossed out by anything specific anymore. Filibertos will probably never ever happen in my lifetime, but seriously.

Sleep- I am knock out tired once a day minimum. I am out within seconds of closing my eyes every time. I’m not mad, unless it’s a short 10 minute nap, then I wake up to a heart attack because I usually have an alarm set.

Otherwise I’m feeling pretty great and I’m happy, healthy and I got all of my boys and my little ladies loving me on the daily. I’m the luckiest. Happy week 13!! I’m bumpin!

Waiting for our tech to come in and show us our nugget!

 Ruby June

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