Week 14


OHHH My little pony, My little pony… do do do do do do do do

Let’s see let’s see.

Babe is definitely showing himself. According to the bump I should look pregnant now and when people ask to help me because I’m too weak to carry my own groceries I should take advantage.

Things I love this week:

Andrew. He’s my rock and I love him.
My Dogs.
The Fam.


Cycle. I made it to a couple of classes.
Lifting. I made it in for some light lighting a few days this week.
Foam Rolling. This I’ve had to make a priority to keep my muscles happy.


  • Pita Jungle. I’m all about the hummus and chicken right now.
Applesauce. Unsweetened. Andrew wanted a funfetti cake and after a fail with butter, I bought some applesauce and then killed the jar and bought another.
  • Shakes. Isagenix Shakes.  This is still one of my daily staples. I need an extra 300 calories a day and this has been an easy addition to fill-er-up.
  • Water. I feel thirsty. Constantly. And I’m peeing so much more frequently. Bla

Baby Stuff:

We have started baby registries.  In fact my sweet love took a day off so we could go do this.  Mind you-I never had to beg for this, he woke me up and offered and I was so excited for a day with him.  However! Registering for baby is exhausting and I’ve been trying to avoid the bottle aisle, the car seat aisle, the mattress aisle.  Ok I am just tired and I want to wait and see what little baby likes.  Luckily Andrew has done this before so he created patience with the whole process.  Another reason I should have attended yoga prior to my day.

During this excursion, Andrew bought me a poppy pillow because my belly is pulling and I was starting to recruit outside pillows for support at night. When he asked me if I wanted one, I replied with “do you care if it’s in bed with us?” His simple response was this: “Ki, You have been sleeping with 12 pillows and you are nowhere to be found. This is an upgrade.” TOUCHE I’m thrilled and as much as I love sleep- I’m wondering why I didn’t have this pre pregnancy.  I’m wondering why all body pillows don’t come in this shape.

That’s pretty much all that’s happening.  More exercise, better sleep, snuggles w another pillow and food.  #Pregnancy.  It’s apparently happening and I can’t seem to comprehend it all. EEEEK


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