Week 15: Lincoln and Leo

Week 15

Last night we had the pleasure of letting our current little man in on the secret that he was going to be a big bro.
Mind you little man is an only child, an only grandchild, and lover to boot. HOWEVER, little is also 5.5 years old, so we were a little unsure how the reveal was going to go.

Prior to us telling him, he, in the car ride home, decided to let us know that he wanted a little brother.  We just looked at each other for this was the first time he mentioned a little brother.  He had at one point mentioned a little sister and we played it off (That was prior to us knowing the gender).  So he proceeded with “What if I had 1000 brothers!?” I quickly responded with: “I’m sorry, that’s never going to happen. I can promise you one, maybe two.  but 1000 is completely out of the question.”  Lincoln: “OK!”

Before we actually revealed anything to him, we bought him a long-sleeved shirt that read “BEST BROTHER EVER.”
Little can’t read, but he’s attempting to, Kindergarten… they teach them so young these days. We also bought him two, 3-D super hero framed posters to go with his super hero themed room. He loved them, but he loves presents.  The shirt threw him because well, it was a shirt, with words on it. That means about nada to a little dude who can’t read, especially one who would much rather watch Slugtera and play legos all day long. Whatevs. Things change bro, I love me a brand new shirt. ANYWAY.

When we got down to the nitty gritty, we had to help him sound out the words on his new shirt.  After he put the word ‘bro-ther,’ together, he asked, “why does it say brother? I don’t have a brother?” He was so confused. So I asked him if he still wanted a little brother and he replied with a super slow.. and apprehensive.. “YEAAAAAAAAAAA!?” I asked him; “what if we promised to give you one?” With an excited, unsure head nod over and over and over with a shit eating grin on his now, very red face, he yelled; “yea!” We had to give him a minute to process it because that’s a life changer and we could see the confusion written all over him. We showed him pictures of the ultrasound and once we unwrapped his new posters he started to relax and ask a bunch of questions.

“Soooo, Dad is going to be my brothers dad? And who will be his mom?” Andrew, without sugar, replied with; “Kiley, your baby brother is in Kiley’s belly right now.” He asked, “where?” as if there was a window peering in to my uterus.  His little mind was reeling, so we just waited for him to feel comfortable and confident in it all.

It wasn’t but moments later that he had a wholeeeeeeee bunch of questions for us:

“So you’re Going to be my brothers mom, too!?”
Me: Yes Linc.
“So will we have to get my brother a twin bed like mine?
Me: “Probably a crib for now Linc, remember when you were really little, you didn’t have a twin bed, right?” He replied with a
“Yes, but do we get to share a room?”
Me -Well, we thought you might like to have your own room for awhile and baby can have his own room too.
Lincoln: “OK!”
“So what are we going to name my little brother?” I shot a look at Andrew and he just shook his head ‘no’ with an- “I’m not sure what to do right now, but let’s just leave it.”
I looked at Linc; “Well, we all get to choose what we name him, do you have any good ideas?”
Linc: “I think we should name him Emery.” I like that, that’s cute.
From there it went to ‘backpack, superman, batman, pencil, book… and then he asked what the name on the tag of his new shirt read.. I read it to him; ‘carter’s.’
Linc: “We should name him carters!” I dig Carter.
“Do we get to make up his last name too, or does it have to be Taylor like mine?”
Me: “it has to be Taylor like yours, but we can decide on his first and middle name, ok?”
He obliged and decided: “I just want his name to be Leo Nickel Taylor.” Andrew and I laughed and replied with a simple “Ok.” And that was that. He hasn’t let go of it since.
Linc: “Where is my brothers shirt? Does he get one that looks like mine too?”
Me: “Yes, we’ll have to find him one, just a lot smaller, huh? You can help us pick it out.”
Linc: “YAAA!”

We had to run to the store and as we were walking in to the garage, my mom called. I had her on speaker and Linc couldn’t wait to tell her the news.

“TELL HER I’m GETTING A BABY BROTHER!!!” I told him to tell her, so he did, and then he said-

“TELL HER WHO I’m GETTING IT FROM!” hahaha! I told him to let her know.

So he yelled “KILEY! I’m getting my baby brother from Kiley!” I’m laughing.
He continued: “tell her what we are going to name him!” I just held up my phone and nodded for him to go ahead, he yelled “LEO!!!” As much as I love Leo, I know he’s pulling that from the hilarious little kid from his fav show, Lab Rats. But I guess that’s where we all get our inspiration from, eh?

I’m pretty lucky to be mama to this babe-to-be and soon-to-be-step mom to Lincoln Love, but even more excited to marry this dude who has given me all of the boys! Who knew this would be where life brought me. I’m feeling extra grateful on this Fall day in September. I just really can’t imagine life any other way, and I wouldn’t want it to be.


  • Same.  A lot of Protein really.
  • Isagenix shakes. For. The. Win.
  • Water. I’m failing at this. but I want it.


  • Cycle
  • Yoga
  • Lifting with babe.  My back has been REALLY bothering me, so I’m limited on my weight training, but I do try to do everything I possibly can to break a sweat.


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