Week 17- October 11, 2017

Week 17

Holy. What?  I can NOT get over the fact that we are already here at week 17.  I could repeat that a few more times to help myself believe it, but eh.

This week has been pretty uneventful.  I got to work out 6 days this past week and that brings me great joy. My greatest complaint is back pain.  Low back pain forces me to workout, but asks me to stay in bed.  I want to do zero and I understand exactly why others with chronic pain choose to stay sedentary, but I know better and I’ll tell you what, any kind of exercise will save your life and your loins.  I can’t tell you how magical yoga is.  I have always stressed this to my students because it’s always made me feel amazing, HOWEVER, I have never had such terrible pain and to feel the instant relief from yoga has been really even more eye opening. YOGA. DO IT.

Also, remember you don’t have to be in shape to do yoga, you don’t have to be ‘good’ or ‘flexible’ to do yoga.  You JUST have to show up.  That’s absolutely it.  Finding a consistent practice allows for flexibility it’s the whole point.  I’m not good.  I’m weak, and it SAVES ME! Go. Now. just go.

Recent Developments:

-I have started training private clients.  I love this.  I miss training, I miss coaching, I miss teaching.
-We had another OB/ generic check up where we got to hear babes heartbeat again. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH
-I have a bump!  Like, I feel it’s a legit bump.  There are days where you can’t see it, but I feel pressure now, I have to pee more frequently, and I feel like it’s starting to feel like a pregnancy bump.  I am terrified and so excited because it’s really real now.  I think.


  •  nothing is as intense as it was those first 12 weeks.  Andrew has kind of taken over in that department.  HOWEVER.  The consistencies in my desires are as follows;
  • Chili.  I have made more chili and I crave it when we don’t have it.  Must be that it’s finally fall.
  • Pita Jungle:  Hummus and Chicken.  Please and thank you.  As many times a week as possible.
  • Iced Chai: Don’t judge me.  Babes asked me for caffeine and I deliver. So off my back.
  • Applesauce: Still.  I’m 5.

Andrews Cravings: (Dude still has a six pack and a perfect butt, so don’t let the following fool you-it’s just a better list than mine so I thought I should share)
-Halotop Ice Cream.. any flavor.  He is also the fitness dude at Boeing, and he did carry a pint in to work with him one afternoon.  #TopReasonsIloveHim
-Ice Cream Sandwiches
-Rockstar: talk about caffeine
-Pita Jungle Nachos
-More Nachos
-McDonalds: French fries, sausage McMuffins,
-Cookies: soft sea salt Carmel, chocolate chip cookies from sprouts, OR Aj’s cookies
-Funfetti cake:: I’m sorry!
-To be healthy

My Favorite things that have fallen out of Lincolns face this week:

Linc: “Who are those for?” as I pulled out baby clothes my sweet Auntie sent.
Me: “Who do you think they are for?”
Linc: “My baby brother? He’s going to love those.  When do you think we can get him a matching shirt like mine?”
Me: “We’ll have to go shopping for him, won’t we?”
Linc: “Yea and maybe we could get him a (insert list of everything Lincoln owns here) to match me too.”
Me: blink blink- yeaaaaa.

Linc:  “I told my pen pal Eli that I have 12 people in my family and I included Kiley as my step mom.”
Me: “aww you have a pen pal? where is he from?”
Linc: “I don’t know we just wrote it TODAYYY! We had to give it to our teacher.” (duhhhh-he was annoyed with our questions)
Andrew: ” Is he in this state?”
Linc: “No, I JUST WROTE IT TODAY.” ok well we have no idea where Eli lives, but that was sweet.

Linc: ” Kiley, is my baby brother going to be a Christian?”
Me: “I guess we’ll find out won’t we?”
Linc: “Aren’t you a christian?”
Me: “Yes, but he gets to make that decision on his own, huh? Just like you did.”
Linc: “Ok!”

So that’s all folks!  And I’m still chilling with Granny as much as I can.  I’m lucky 🙂

 I have been accompanying Granny to all of her radiation appointments.  We think she looks like Harry Carry, She wants to keep this outfit for Halloween.  I don’t blame her. I think it’s a good look.  Also my shirt was a bad decision, but you can see my bump above. 🙂


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