week 18- You’re doing it wrong.

OH a GAME CONSOLE CONTROLLER!  For those of you too young to remember, that to the left is an original Nintendo controller. #AndOtherLifeLessons.

Oh man.  This year has been seriously a 180 from last year.  a 1.8.0.  I cannot get over it.  Which is why I’m on constant repeat when it comes to thinking about all that has changed in just, a little less than a year.

I mean round one for both of us went like this (as mentioned previously, but to reitterate):



Engaged. Married. Travel. Divorce.

His went:

Engaged. Married. Baby. Divorce.

I mean that’s the outline society has created for us, I mean, perhaps divorce isn’t dialed in there, but you get it.  We followed most of those steps already and they both ended the same way.   Divorce is devastating and it affects everyone around you.  Thankfully, I had all of the support in the world, but after meeting Andrew I got to live the very dark side of divorce and all the crap that accompanies it.  ‘It,’ until this day and probably for many, many more to come, breaks him every moment.  He is constantly affected by it.  Sigh. I got you babe.  The beauty that came from each of our stories was growth, which eventually lead us to one another.  I still can’t believe we ended up together.  #SorryLadies.

So this time we decided to do it our way.

Pregnant. Engaged. Plan wedding shower.  Plan wedding.  Married.  Plan baby shower. Baby. Live happily ever after.

This past weekend, along with my very present bump, Andrew took me up to his families cabin in Prescott.  We had been planning this weekend for awhile and I couldn’t wait to get out of the RIDICULOUS heat of which we call October, or ‘fall.’  Come on now! (I literally had a dream last night that it was snowing and I was dancing around telling everyone, I was so excited!) whatever.  I digress.

It was soooo chilly at night, I loved it! We went to bed Friday night after he took me to Urgent Care.  (We count ‘firsts’ as much as possible these days.  I had to ask him if he had ever, in all the years visiting Prescott,  been to Urgent Care.  He shook his head ‘no,’ I took that as a win. heh!)

I had little red spots appear on the back of my throat earlier in the day, to which the Dr. exclaimed; “Aww! You have a little strawberry patch on your throat!” Ummm what the hell does that mean and why may I ask are you so excited to see that?  It was just a viral infection and after all strep tests came back negative, we bailed and went to grab dinner and food for the next day.

Saturday morning came. And when I say Saturday morning, I mean 1:50AM- middle of the night. Andrews alarm went off and within ten minutes we were on the road.  Our goal was to make it to the tippy top of the state to Page, Arizona to enjoy the beauty of HorseShoe bend at sunrise.  We arrived, freezing and 5 layers deep, we hiked the little dirt path in the dark along with a ridiculous amount of other people.  Come on now! It’s 6AM on a Saturday!

We sat on the edge of the canyon peering down 1000 feet in to the Colorado River below us.  The wind was blowing so that helped me with my gratitude list that day: number two: I am grateful for this puffy jacket. (number 1:  I am grateful Andrew did all of the driving.)

Babe had mentioned to me as we arrived along with the school bus of a million high school kids, “Let’s go some place where it’s just us.”  This was normal for him because he doesn’t love crowds so I thought nothing of it.  Luckily, there was plenty of open real estate.  We walked a little further around the edge to find some space where he busted out his go pro-the one we HAD to have for Hawaii, (which never got used), but anyway, we took some great photos that morning!  as we patiently awaited, we didn’t realize that although sunrise was projected for 6:32AM, there was a hill behind us, preventing any sunlight from hitting the canyon for another hour.

As we waited we sat on the cold, calcified, sand stone and attempted to stay warm.  He was wearing a sweatshirt and shorts, I was dressed for snow.  I moved in front of him and unzipped my jacket demanding he stick his hands in it to warm them.  He did.  After awhile he removed them, his left hand dipped in to his pocket, “GIVE IT BACK TO ME!” I snapped, worried he might lose fingers.  So he did.  A few moments later he had pulled his right hand out of my jacket to remove the ring on my left ring finger.  He had given me this Alex and Ani ring back before Denver as a “promise ring.”  I thought nothing of it, maybe he wanted to warm my hands?  Maybe I was still in zombie mode, or maybe I was so cold, nothing really registered.  Either way, he then reached in to his pocket and pulled out the most beautiful morganite ring.  It was the very one he and I had picked out together months prior.  As he wiped tears away from his eyes he asked me simply; “Will you marry me?”  and I, trying to once again comprehend what was happening, responded with “AWWW BABEEEE!” and kissed him and kissed him and kissed him. He whispered again in my ear, “babe, will you marry me?”  (wake up Kiley.)  I whispered right back in to his ear and replied with “yes babe, yes I’ll marry you!”

It was more like “DUH I”LL MARRY YOU!” because the best part about this story was a week prior I had picked up our wedding invitations and I had asked him.. “Am I sending these out before we are engaged?” and his response was “I guess you’re going to have to, huh?”  little shit.    Most of our wedding has been planned since August, it’s just been the little details. SURPRISE!  haha!  I love surprises and I’m so happy he got me.  I won’t lie, I was secretly hoping it was going to happen over the weekend.  I just tried desperately not to get my hopes up.

I’m so giddy about all of this!  Now.  How lucky am I?  but really. How lucky am I?

From there we drove back to the same gas station we stopped at on the way in to town and then continued up the street to grab a tour of Antelope Canyon.  It has been a bucket list item of mine and I’m so thrilled we fulfilled it together.  It was an hour tour of the most amazing piece of nature I have been a part of.

Our one-hour tour came to a close and we hit yet another gas station where we pulled out our picnic lunch and sat curbside, half awake, but happy.

we drove back to the cabin, another 3.5 hour drive, once home, I made Andrew some Mac and cheese, we showered, passed out and (barely) woke for some local pizza for dinner then promptly headed back to the house where we got ready for bed again and slept all night long.

Sunday we woke, we packed everything, cleaned the cabin, packed the car, and headed over to Andrews favorite breaky spot; “The Sweet Potato Cafe,” a little ma and pop shop, which was adorable.  We ate and drove another two hours home.

It was a whirlwind of a weekend, but one I will never forget. I am grateful for you babe.  Thank you for taking so much of your own energy and dumping it in to a weekend of frigid temps and long drives just to put a ring on it. I cannot wait to make you mine 😉 I love you so much.

As far as our bump date goes for this week:

I am feeling full, clothes are getting tight and my back is still in SO much pain.  I am 100 years old and sneezing feels like it might end my life.  my girlfriend let me borrow her belly band from when she was pregnant.  I keep it wrapped around me most of the time that I’m home and I sleep every single night in it too.  I feel like a sexy sumo wrestler. (insert eye roll here)


I’ve been taking a group fit class at Mountainside called “muscle,” this week I am giddy I can actually do it, some exercises I bow out on, like my very favs; deadlifts, I just can’t anymore, along with anything ab related, for obvious reasons.  Too much plyo irritates my back, so I’ve had discussions with my ego “It’s OK, you’re not a complete pussy, you have good reason to take it easy.”  So I’m feeling good, still trying to get my yoga in a couple days a week.  Tomorrow I’ll go take spin.  I don’t love spin.


  • Eh, I don’t feel like anything at all.  I”ll eat whatever when it comes down to it though.
  • Isagenix is just a necessary habit at this point.
  • Water

Andrews Cravings:

  • Blue bunny has been on sale at Basha’s and well… we have made a couple of trips this week.
  • Cookies and Cream drumsticks
  • Cookies and Cream Bunny Bites
  • Ice Cream Sandwhiches
  • Blue Bunny Ice Cream (gallon)
  • RockStar
  • Cheddar Bunnies (Think Goldfish only Costco style)
  • Lincolns Mac and Cheese
  • Gummy Bears from Sprouts


I’m loving that we are (nearly) half way there! YAY! Life is happy and good.

We took this right after he proposed.  Sleepy, Cold, and perfectly happy.

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