Week 19

Week 19 brings with it a Mango, a cold and added blood flow to babes and less to moms, which apparently causes “pregnancy brain.”  While reading this little tid bit of info to my sister, her response was: “are you always pregnant?”  I love you too.

But this is no joke, I forget everything, I have more to do than my mind can retain and working out has proven to be far more challenging than ever.  I went a few weeks with two-a-days, but pregnancy+cold=weak little ol’ me.  Again, I have to talk myself down from the: “you’re stronger than that, stop balling on your workouts, youuuuu pussy!” Negative Pep talks. I took two solid days off from working out last week, and my body wasn’t complaining in any way.

As I have also mentioned, I’ve been experiencing terrible, terrible back pain.  Not sciatic, but low back for sure.  I know it’s just the stretching from the front side.  Either way, it was limiting me on everything I did.  I was walking like grandma, getting out of bed was a chore, with this cold brought sneezing and I’ll tell you what, a sneeze has never been so terrifying.  I would try to bend my knees if I felt one coming on while I was standing, trying to loosen up a bit so I wouldn’t pull anything.  It. Did. Not. Matter.  So I went along with it for weeks.  It disrupted my yoga practice, my workouts, walking, laying down, sitting, essentially everything.

Blame it on my pregnancy brain, but after the gym one day, I grabbed my phone and shot a text to the greatest acupuncturist on the planet asking her if she thought cupping might help.  She was immediate with her response of: “YES! I have points for that too!” She squeezed me in two days later.  The longest two days of my life lead me to her massage table where she had me lay on my side, stuck me up and down with needles and within 15 minutes the pain was completely gone.  I didn’t want to move after the treatment, so like a zombie I slowly arose.  once up, she asked if I had any pain anywhere and to show her the very location.  I did just that, and she proceeded with some light cupping and scraping.  I walked to my car stiff as a board because for the first time in weeks upon weeks, I wasn’t in any pain and I was not willing to screw that up.

And it lasted and lasted and lasted.

I don’t know how to tell you the relief but it brought tears to my eyes every time I had reached out to tell April or even just Andrew how grateful I was to feel normal again.  This was such a big deal!  The only thing bothering me after that, well.  I felt my right hip might have been out of place.  I went for a quick visit to my chiropractor and his first question was; “HOW ARE YOU FEELING??” his second question: “Can you feel how out of wack your hips are? your right hip is sitting so much higher than your left.”  Once he adjusted me, I left feeling like a million bucks.  And then I came down with a cold.

Can’t win them all, but aside from being unable to breath- I am SO HAPPY to feel normal again! Hallejluah.

I have all the resources if you need them.  And to just reiterate time and time again, I am the most grateful for being home in a state where I have the people who love and take care of me better than I could have ever asked for.


umm I don’t have any in particular unless I’m REALLY hungry, and a cold doesn’t help.

Andrews Cravings:

Buffalo Wings
Mac N Cheese
Siracha Almonds

That’s about all folks!  Happy Happy week 19!



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