Week 20::5 months!

20 weeks. 5 months.

This past week has been a big one for me as far as developing both baby, and my baby belly. He is officially a water balloon.

I can tell he’s sitting relatively low, bc that is both the most (physically) hard area of my belly and the most uncomfortable piece (constantly having to pee) in my current chapter of pregnancy. Although I can’t tell if my boobs are still growing or not. Everything just feels like I’m trying to stuff 10 pounds of potatoes in to a 5 pound sack and I’m. Un. Comfortable. In clothes.

I started feeling better a good 5 days in to my cold. Airborne and Tylenol seemed to do the trick. I’m actually impressed with how quickly I was able to recover. The drop in temperature here in AZ has been lovely, but you know, with seasons come allergies and well. Got eeeeeeem!

As far as my sweat calendar goes, I was able to squeeze a few great workouts in this week. I’ve been focusing on redeveloping my lower body again since my back has been feeling better and adding a little more weight has felt pretty great! My first trimester was such a challenge and lifting little to nothing was a struggle. I lost a lot of muscle mass and I got skinny. It wasn’t my favorite look, but I knew just forcing myself in to the gym would be worth it later and I’m grateful I was able to regardless of the results.


Yoga. Spin. Muscle.

Pregnancy: if it has taught me anything it has brought me to an entirely new level of self awareness. Especially when it comes to lifting weight, how your body shifts and where the weight is distributed has everything to do with how you’re body can/will efficiently push it. Squats are so hard for me. I have been exceptionally cautious of core engagement here and let me tell you, core engagement is really freaking hard for me right now, but dropping weight and starting from zero has lead me to what I hope will become a much stronger squat in the long run.I’m so bored. Spin bores me, muscle is bugging me because it’s essentially the same exact class every time I show up. unless I go to an earlier class with a different instructor, she chooses to switch it up. Unfortunately, that’s only one time a week.
Spin. I am good for the warm up and then I want out. Like a caged monkey. Saveee me! So I dropped this to one day a week these past couple of weeks.
Yoga: I took a solid 7 days off from yoga, mostly because of scheduling but also because I wasn’t feeling good, I wanted to ensure I wouldn’t over Stretch anything, even accidentally. I took one ☝🏼 class leading into week 20 and my hips hurt so much! I was even careful! Son of A!
It’s so important to create restrictions for yourself and abide by those in order to prevent injury. I’m so flexible right now it is hard for me to want to dial it back. I’m the chick in class who is practically standing in utkatasana, chair pose. And when it comes to twisting I’m sort of like “sure I’ll look this way..” thankfully my instructors have been really incredible for my practice. They understand and I finally have been able to let go as well. I love yoga, but stop teasing me lubricated joints!
A combination of growing and being sick had me all sorts of out of breath, my recovery time between sets and exercises is usually ridiculously quick. Lately it has felt like an eternity to catch my breath, to recover. Leg day last weekend had me breathing heavy and wishing I had an oxygen tank and a wheel chair. I’m not kidding. It took so much effort that when we got home I jumped in the shower forced a salad down my throat, tried desperately not to throw it up and promptly passed out for two hours. Like immediately laid down to sleep. I haven’t experienced that.. since trimester uno. Bla.

So again I’m trying to let that be, trying to listen and honor everything it needs. Im just grateful I am able to Workout.

20 week ultra sound.
Eeeeeek! Babe is a shaker and a mover. The ultrasound tech was shocked that I was still unable to feel him with the amount of movement he was creating. Just as he was in his 12 weeks ultrasound pics, he likes to keep his hands in little fists and he holds them by his face as if to be protecting himself. He’s not allowed to box. End of story.
He was at the time, breach and standing on my bladder. Felt great-Feels great.
We got to see all 10 fingers, all 10 toes. He was reluctant to share, but we got a glimpse.
We also got to see all four chambers of his strong little heart. And with the incredible technology of 4D we could see some little features in his face. Gahhh! It’s like Christmas every time we go in for pictures. I wish I had access to an ultrasound tech and their machine every day just to check in and look at him, I can’t wait to meet him.

He has a clean bill of health and everything is right on schedule. Except for his belly, because like Mom and Dad,he likes to eat, so it’s growing at a faster pace. Measuring in at about one week ahead of his limbs and brain development. #thatsmyboy

Red meat- burgers

Andrews cravings:
Buffalo Wings from Echo 5
Mozzarella sticks
Sweet potato fries


I feel as tho that list is a lot longer, but that’s a good start.



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